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Point-of-Sale – System Scales

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0 Introducing bPro

1 Point-of-Sale – System Scales

2 bPro | Design for broad retail needs
Fresh Service Counter bPro - U2 Upper Keypad bPro - T2 Tower bPro - C2 Compact Fruit & vegetables / Seafood bPro - C2 Compact Pro - H22 Hanging bPro - U3 Self-service Preparation Food bPro - C2 Compact bPro - R2 Labeling terminal

3 bPro | Design for broad retail needs
High Speed printing (125mm / s) 8 Dot/mm Accelerates service & pre packing workflows. Labels up to 60mm wide Large Rolls 130mm - less label changes Quick label width adjustment Predefined label layouts are available for immediate use or design own label Layouts may be personalized with additional logos or graphics. Allows 100% compliance with local printout regulations 130 mm Fast operation - Light -Touch keyboard Easy customization - comfortably describe & insert names for keys with preset texts Low-effort hygiene -easy cleaning (washing) Removable keyboard foils Standard :Ethernet 10 Mbps , RS232 Cash Drawer RJ11 Option:Built in Wireless IEEE 802/11 b/g High speed - 54Mbps Wireless safety standard: 64/128 digits WEP & the latest WPA, WPA2 Low Cost maintenance Quick access to all electronic components No need for recalibration when replacing main electronics, Individual electronic boards reduce cost of replacement Connectors for peripheral equipment easily accessible from the front

4 bPro | Design for broad retail needs
Long lifespan printer head Quick Printer Access slide out Easy for head cleaning & Paper Replacement Over 90% metallic parts Automatic-adjusting ”smart” gap sensor Uni-Code ,Multi-languages all symbols Bitmap and LOGO Overload protection up to 400% of max capacity (static load) Robust housing Aluminum housing base Tough ABS polymer, scratch resistant body ,stable post Lables will not stick on housing Resistant against humidity ,fatty acid and organic oils Attractive, low profile industrial design with a small, easy-to- place small footprint Adjustable Keyboard Operation angle adjusts for flexible placement on any counter Ergonomic & Space saving Local language Operator interface

5 bPro | Demanding Environment
Ergonomic Design Attractive to complement your store décor Optimized for easy and quick counter operations Display & Customer in sight of the operator ( upper keypad ) Anti reflective display ( segment or full dotmatrix ) Easy access to printer unit for paper change & cleaning Space is key at the counter Small footprint An investment that lasts Robust, solid stainless steel platter Hygienic Design Easy-to-clean Smooth surface without corners and sharp edges Silicon key foil Anti-stick surface

6 Easy-to-integrate | Smooth IT-processes
Comprehensive network communication Easy integration Scale Networking-Technology comprises retail standards for easy integration into existing infrastructures Professional Support and tools available for integrating scales into item management system Easy installation & deployment Wireless communication as alternative for environments where cabling is not practical

7 Easy-to-integrate | Streamlined Data
Versatile management & full control Data management is made simple with the included bSoft item management software package. With bSoft & bLable Windows based software you can update your scale item data, run useful reports and create custom labels quickly and effortlessly . Scheduled or imediate import Item data using bAuto

8 Associate Selling Tools
Technology to improve performance Associate Selling Tools Easy-to-use, Easy-to-manage Product information at your finger-tips Access to sales reports Placement of Marketing/Promotion messages Modern Shops interior design Integrated in existing infrastructure Traceability systems & food safety processes

9 Rapid, reliable label delivery
Handling fewer, quick paper changeovers. easy to clean, free access to the print head Paper wide variety of paper sizes tally roll, labels, cont. sticky ticket, linerless double length rolls Large labels sizes Large roll 120mm diameter Printouts high resolution 8dot/mm high speed -> 125 mm/s logo print on receipt and labels Printers Receipt 54 mm Label 54 mm Linerless 54 mm Printing possibilities Receipt with/without tally with total label with article label with info-label on endless label Label on endless label with/without total label on endless label with total label Prepack: total labels Accelerate customer throughput & Increase operator efficiency by reliably processing and printing labels 9 9

10 METTLER TOLEDO | Sustainability Initiative
bPro Line – Designed & manufactured in a MT facility certified in environmental management to ISO 14001 Low power design – typical consumption when switched on and in base state only 18W Wear and tear parts are easily replaceable All plastic parts are assigned with type of material information for easy recycling Recyclable and/or re-usable packaging is used for both end products and subassemblies PCB board manufacturing without lead and other harmful substances (ROHS compliancy) Electricity provider uses 20% of generation by renewable sources (mainly Hydro power + Wind and Solar) 10

11 Managing the Fresh Department | Summary
Value for Retailers: Improves fresh department performance – reduced shrink, improved margins Better trained & informed employees Full utilization of store management systems Assurance of food safety standards Sales lift

12 bPro | Technical Data 12 Displays
Alphanumeric, green LED back lit segment display, brilliant and high contrast, long life time due to LED lit Option: Full dot matrix orange display, 240 x 240 dots, eye friendly character set, high contrast, long life time LightTouch keyboard Distinct keys, foil for article description, washable. Preset Keys C2 56,T2 140 ,U2 142 ,H2 172 Data storage 4 Mbyte for SW-application - extendable to 8 Mbyte Processor ARM 7, RISC, 32 bit Interfaces Ethernet 10BaseT for scale to scale communication and as system interface 2 x RS 232 for peripherals and as system interface Option : Built in Wireless Bridge IEEE 802/11 b/g Printer (depending on different models) Receipt printer 54 mm print width Label printer 54 mm print width Linerless printer 54 mm print width 12

13 to deliver the tailored services to suit the Retailer‘s operation.
METTLER TOLEDO Approved – Local Service Partners Value for Retailers: Get the most out your in-store equipment & uptime Warranty cover Professional local support Factory Trained Service Force Local Calibration services tailored to your needs Spare parts availability Comply to local regulations Service Level Agreements Out - sourcing potential & reduced internal infrastructure Better control support costs METTLER TOLEDO ensures the „best-of-breed“ Professional Local Service Organization to deliver the tailored services to suit the Retailer‘s operation. 13

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