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100 200 300 400 500 PhineasGene Devon Boys Who Said It? War or Peace?

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2 100 200 300 400 500 PhineasGene Devon Boys Who Said It? War or Peace?

3 Phineas 100 What does Finny excel in- sports or studies? SPORTS

4 Phineas 200 Because he cannot be evil or participate, what does Finny not believe in? THE WAR

5 Phineas 300 What school record did Finny break? SWIMMING

6 Phineas 400 Finny starts this organization and Gene thinks he does so to sabotage Gene’s grades SUPER SUICIDE SOCIETY OF THE SUMMER SESSION

7 Phineas 500 Idealism and Innocence are examples of __________ FINNY’S SEPARATE PEACE

8 Gene 100 Feels trapped by this person FINNY

9 Gene 200 Gene revisits Devon after how many years? 15 YEARS

10 Gene 300 What is Gene’s hope for graduation? VALEODICTORIAN

11 Gene 400 Give one example of identifying with Finny. WEARING HIS PINK SHIRT BECOMING AN ATHLETE CRACKING JOKES

12 Gene 500 What was Gene’s “separate peace”? FINNY FORGAVE HIM

13 Devon Boys 100 Who is Gene’s real competition for head of the class (grade wise)? CHET DOUGLASS

14 Devon Boys 200 Which character collects snails and likes to ski? LEPER LEPELLIER

15 Devon Boys 300 Who holds a mock trial for Gene to learn the accident details? BRINKER HADLEY

16 Devon Boys 400 What does Leper symbolize? THE EVILS OF WAR

17 Devon Boys 500 What is Quackenbush’s first name? CLIFF

18 Who Said It? 100 “Nothing endures, not a tree, not love, not even death by violence.” GENE

19 Who Said It? 200 “I’ll bet you knew all the time he wouldn’t be back. That’s why you picked him for a roommate- so you could have this big room all to yourself.” BRINKER HADLEY

20 Who Said It? 300 “You always were lord of the manor, weren’t you? A swell guy, except when the chips were down. You always were a savage underneath.” LEPER LEPELLIER

21 Who Said It? 400 “I didn’t know you needed to study…I didn’t think you ever did. I thought it just came to you.” FINNY

22 Who Said It? 500 “They moved like an engine…that has two pistons.” LEPER LEPELLIER

23 War or Peace? 100 Winter Carnival PEACE

24 War or Peace? 200 Shoveling snow off the railroad tracks WAR

25 War or Peace? 300 Summer Session PEACE

26 War or Peace? 400 Winter Session WAR

27 War or Peace? 500 Phineas PEACE

28 Double Jeopardy Explain the significance of: first person flashback foreshadowing

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