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 Objectives: 1. Initiate a strategic planning process to identify district- wide priorities and ensure they are met by aligning resources with those goals.

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1  Objectives: 1. Initiate a strategic planning process to identify district- wide priorities and ensure they are met by aligning resources with those goals 2. Collect in one document, review and revise the district metrics 3. Evaluate the effectiveness and the impact of new or externally funded programs a. Early Release b. Mentors/Specialists (using metrics from five year plans) 4. Link the survey data to strategic planning to identify opportunities for improvement

2  Objectives: 1. Review and revise the five-year curriculum plans to ensure a consistent approach across the core curriculum 2. Set specific targets for improvement in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science by percentage of students proficient or better in CST’s, by school site. a. Incorporate these goals into School Site Plans b. Set related targets for improvement in API and similar school rankings 3. Fully implement the use of Inform and Benchmark at Fisher Middle School and introduce it at elementary sites a. Incorporate the use of student data into teacher conversations and collaboration b. Train principals c. Provide access to all certificated staff d. Model the use of data among and between administrators

3 4. Develop a plan for formative and summative assessment that will ensure students master relevant standards at each grade level a. Encourage use of existing formative assessment (K-5 E/LA) b. Develop common formative assessments for mathematics (K-5) making use of Benchmark, grade level meetings, and teacher collaborative time (early release) with an initial goal of three assessments per school year c. Develop common formative assessments for all core content areas (6-8) making use of Benchmark, departmental meetings, and teacher collaborative time with an initial goal of two assessments per school year in year one d. Ensure assessment blueprints are available to each teacher e. Explore the use of performance assessment in a formative and summative context, benchmarked against national or international standards

4 5. Provide thematic professional development on differentiated instruction a. Ensure the classroom teacher is responsible for core curriculum delivery using district adopted materials and resources b. Review the use of pull out time for compliance and effectiveness c. Develop a multi-year plan for professional development to address differentiation 6. Develop a calendar for professional development across the district a. Coordinate district needs with site needs and divide the time appropriately b. Prioritize district messages re: use of data; differentiated instruction 7. Develop intervention strategies for students behind grade level a. Encourage differentiated instruction within the classroom and minimize pull-out time b. Explore the use of before/after school instruction c. Explore the use of summer time instruction d. Ensure supplemental materials and approaches are available to each teacher including technology based programs e. Investigate best practices at high performing similar schools

5 8. Review GATE program and ensure a challenging curriculum is available to advanced students 9. Continue and complete existing curriculum and textbook adoption processes a. Complete adoption process for Mathematics textbooks b. Implement district’s spiraled science curriculum and introduce new FOSS materials c. Approve updated technology plan 10. Maintain International Baccalaureate curriculum at Lexington a. Ensure program requirements are in place for successful authorization visit in 2009/10 b. Develop a plan to share best practices from IB with teachers and staff across the district c. Review assessment results to ensure core curriculum goals are met 11. Foster integration of the arts with the core curriculum

6  Objectives: 1. Recognize outstanding employees through the Governing Board and Superintendent’s Office 2. Update new teacher induction to include focus on using data to inform instruction and improve strategies to differentiate 3. Create an induction program for classified staff 4. Increase the number of teachers with CLAD credentials 5. Explore the use of Ventures for Excellence or other screening tools to ensure high quality, student centered staff 6. Ensure a work plan exists for each management and district office employee for 2008/09 and use in evaluation 7. Develop, adopt and implement common teacher observation tools 8. Develop a recruitment plan for certificated and classified staff that includes a presence at job fairs and teacher training institutions

7  Objectives: 1. Develop a calendar for Resource Council with goals and objectives for the year 2. Work with LGEF to align funding with district and school strategic goals 3. Work with H&SC’s to align funding with district and school strategic goals 4. Create a plan for the District and Governing Board to communicate with LGEF, Art Docents, and H&SC’s about funding and priorities 5. Include community, employee, parent, and funding organization representation on strategic planning committee 6. Use technology to improve district communication a. Include email and web sites as part of District Communication Plan b. Develop fully online board agenda c. Incorporate email into emergency or high-profile district communications 7. Collaborate with school site and community leadership to present parent education tied to district wide goals

8 1. Explore possibility of additional resources to link the school district to the community in support of our youth 2. Continue our collaboration with the high school district and Project Cornerstone to explore articulation opportunities as appropriate 3. Ensure the 40 Assets continue to be a focus of district communication 4. Continue opportunities for students to exercise leadership at school sites and at district wide events 5. Ensure schools and employees are safe in the case of emergencies a. Implement training for new emergency procedures b. Ensure new management staff (especially principals) are trained in their roles and know their site specific needs 6. Incorporate global awareness into the curriculum a. Develop a specific definition of global awareness with desired student outcomes b. Set additional goals through strategic planning process 7. Ensure administrative procedures are in place at each site to appropriately safeguard students from health or safety risks (e.g., field trip procedures, TB testing, etc.) 8. Develop standards for basic classroom needs to facilitate adding classrooms while enrollment continues to grow

9  Objectives: 1. Develop a long-term (5 to 10 year) fiscal plan with contingency strategies alongside the strategic planning effort a. Update the demographic projections to predict enrollment b. Forecast the impact on the economy on district’s basic aid revenue 2. Initiate and complete a “desk audit” of district office classified positions to ensure maximum effectiveness of the administrative team 3. Monitor and refine internal control processes including inventory 4. Develop a funding strategy for the Lexington facility improvements 5. Continue to provide financial reports with clarity and accessibility to all constituents 6. Develop annual goals and objectives for the BAC 7. Develop a 3 to 5 year maintenance schedule for buildings and grounds and identify funding 8. Approve GASB 45 plan and necessary reserves 9. Explore opportunities to keep food service a breakeven program 10. Increase and improve recycling efforts district wide; explore models of recycling programs in exemplary districts

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