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A Reading and Writing Series from New Readers Press

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1 A Reading and Writing Series from New Readers Press
Welcome to Voyager A Reading and Writing Series from New Readers Press

2 Key Features of Voyager
Uses traditional and contemporary instruction for a balanced approach Integrates reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking skills Is theme based Features a variety of reading selections Uses direct and indirect instruction

3 The Components Learning to Read The Emerging Reader Stage 1
Student Books I and 1 Teacher’s Resource Guides Stage 2 The Emerging Reader Student Books 2 & 3 Reading level 0.5 to 2.5 Short reading selections Common words Phonics Reading level 2.0 to 4.5 Literary and informational reading Word recognition Comprehension and critical thinking

4 Preparing for Success Before You Start Supplies
Meet with literacy director Pre-assessment, pages 4–5 of the Student Book Supplies Dry erase board or extra paper Marker, pencil Folder or notebook Spiral notebook

5 Introduction Book

6 Starting with the Learner
Look at Lesson 1, pages 6–7. Look for things that help make the lesson non-threatening.

7 Lesson 1

8 The Rest of Lesson 1 Divide into small groups
Read the directions for your section, pages 16–17 in the Teacher’s Resource Guide I Determine the purpose of your section Summarize the activity Share

9 Preview Lesson 2 Voyager Introduction Lesson 2, page 8
Teacher’s Resource Guide, page 17

10 Lesson 2 Practice Break into pairs
One will be the tutor and the other the learner Teach Lesson 2—Talk, Write, and Read Use the Teacher’s Resource Guide, p. 17 Use p. 8 in the Student Book

11 The Remainder of the Introduction Book

12 Ways to Measure Progress
Unit Reviews Student Self Assessment Student Interest Inventory

13 Voyager 1 the Second Book in the Series

14 More About Voyager 1 Longer stories Higher order thinking skills
Harder word family work More writing activities

15 Lesson 2

16 Voyager 2 and 3

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