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RESPIRATION Exchange of gases (O2 and CO2)

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1 RESPIRATION Exchange of gases (O2 and CO2)
Diffusion through a thin moist membrane Nose: 2 nostrils Air warmed and filtered Cilia and mucus

2 Pharynx: Trachea: Bronchi: Lungs: Throat Rings of cartilage; windpipe
Epiglottis: flap over opening Larynx: voice box holding vocal cords “Adam’s Apple”: large piece of cartilage; result of testosterone Bronchi: Right Bronchus: shorter, wider, straighter than the left Lungs: Covered by pleura (slimy covering)

3 Bronchioles: Alveoli: Little branches of bronchi
Air sacs surrounded by capillaries; increased surface area; Look like bunches of grapes; thin walls (diffusion) 1 million in each lung

4 Mechanics of Respiration:
Diaphragm: thin, flat muscle between the thorax and the abdomen; connected to the medulla (brain) by the phrenic nerve Inhalation: Diaphragm contracts and flattens; Ribs out/up; Chest cavity enlarges (Vol. Up/Pressure down); O2 moves into lungs Exhalation: Diaphragm relaxes into upside down U; Intercostal muscles pull ribs together; Chest cavity smaller (Vol. Down/ Pressure up); CO2 moves out

5 Chemistry of Respiration:
Transportation of O2: Hemoglobin + O2 as … Oxyhemoglobin Transportation of CO2: CO2 + H2O as …. Bicarbonate ions (HCO3-) External Respiration: between the alveoli and the blood Internal Respiration: between blood and cells

6 Respiratory Problems:
Laryngitis: inflammation of the larynx Bronchitis: inflammation of the bronchi Pneumonia: fluid in the alveoli Emphysema: collapse of the alveoli Asthma: constriction of the bronchioles Hiccups: spasms of the diaphragm Sneeze: irritation in the nasal passages Cough: irritation in the lower respiratory tract Lung Cancer: tumors/related to smoking

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