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2009 ANNUAL REPORT La Crosse County Emergency Services Public Safety Communications.

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1 2009 ANNUAL REPORT La Crosse County Emergency Services Public Safety Communications


3 Mission Statement The Public Safety Communications division of La Crosse County Emergency Services responds to public safety needs of people in La Crosse County by providing professional call-taking, dispatch and support services to pre-hospital medical, fire and law enforcement agencies.

4 Poster courtesy of SCC Communications CorpSCC Communications Corp

5 One Call Gets it All! Police Fire EMS



8 2009 Judiciary and Law Committee Joe BilskemperDistrict # 35 Supervisor Vickie Burke District # 26 Supervisor – Chair Ray EbertDistrict # 22 Supervisor Bridget FloodDistrict # 12 Supervisor Maureen FreedlandDistrict # 8 Supervisor Tara JohnsonDistrict # 18 Supervisor Joe VeenstraDistrict # 3 Supervisor

9 2009 Public Safety Communications Board Sheriff Steve Helgeson, ChairLa Crosse Sheriff’s Department Chief Scott Alo, Vice Chair Bangor Police Department Vicki BurkeCounty Supervisor Chief Gregg ClevelandLa Crosse Fire Department Chief Don Dominick Onalaska Fire Department Chief Edward KondrackiLa Crosse Police Department Chief Dave MunsonWest Salem Fire Department Steve O’MalleyLa Crosse County Administrator Bruce RanisCity Council Member Chief Jeff Trotnic Onalaska Police Department Dr. Eric VoterMedical Doctor

10 2009 Public Safety Communications Supervisors Nancy Heimke Michael Thompson Ken Damaschke Nancy Lubinski Tim Vogel Telecommunicators SeniorAllan Tiedt Michael Sevallius Lori Peterson Melissa Rendler Dawn Heiden Lisa Deyo Ruth Krueger Sonja Christopherson Don Mollway Holly Inglett Dave Hutchison Sara Kappauf Rose Rosenbaum Mitch Tofstad Cory Lynch Telecommunicator AdvancedJason Allen TelecommunicatorErika Brindisi Michelle Griffin Kevin Brickner Zach Rieves ProbationaryShannon Carey* Erin Bunke* Dustin Wood Dispatch ClerkKim Williams Office Assistant Patti Jakowski Payroll ManagerAlan Blencoe (Formerly Technology Coordinator) AdministratorJay Loeffler * Resigned in 2009 Names in italic have served 20 or more years Personnel

11 Personnel Reclassification Al Blencoe On staff since 1984 Telecommunicator Supervisor in 1989 Technology Coordinator in 2003 “Technology Coordinator” to “Public Safety Communications Manager” Duties include: Supervision of the Supervisors Project Management Open Records

12 Telecommunicator’s Code of Ethics As a telecommunicator, I regard myself as a member of an important and honorable profession. I will keep myself in the best possible physical condition at all times. I will perform my duty with efficiency at all times. I will be exemplary in my conduct, edifying my conversation, honest in my dealings and obedient to the law of the city, state and country. I will not, in the performance of my duty, work for personal advantage or profit. I will at all times recognize that I am a public servant. I will give the most efficient and impartial service of which I am capable at all times. I will be courteous in my contacts at all times. I will regard my fellow telecommunicators with the same standards as I maintain myself. I will be loyal to my fellow telecommunicators with the same standards as I maintain myself. I will be loyal to my fellow telecommunicators, my superiors and my agency. I will accept responsibility for my actions. I will do only those things that will reflect honor on my fellow telecommunicators, my agency and myself.


14 Communications Center Services Telephone Lines 16 9-1-1 Land Line Trunks 18 9-1-1 Cellular Line Trunks 2 Emergency Alarm Lines 2 Direct Lines Franciscan Skemp Healthcare Center Airport Security 4 Lines La Crosse City Police Department 2 Lines La Crosse Sheriff’s Department 2 Lines Onalaska Police Department 1 Line Town of Shelby Police & Fire Department 15 Total In/Out Lines for the Emergency Dispatch Center

15 Radio Communications POLICE DEPARTMENTS La Crosse Police Dept La Crosse Sheriff’s Dept Onalaska Police Dept Holmen Police Dept West Salem Police Dept Campbell Police Dept Bangor Police Dept Shelby Police Dept FIRE DEPARTMENTS La Crosse Fire Dept Onalaska Fire Dept Holmen Fire Dept West Salem Fire Dept Campbell Fire Dept Bangor Fire Dept Shelby Fire Dept Farmington Fire Dept AMBULANCE Tri-State Ambulance FIRST RESPONDERS La Crosse First Responders Onalaska First Responders Holmen First Responders West Salem First Responders Bangor First Responders Campbell First Responders Farmington /North Bend First Responders Shelby First Responders Brice Prairie First Responders PUBLIC WORKS DEPT City of La Crosse County of La Crosse Town of Shelby OTHER Marine Band Radio MTU Airport La Crosse Center

16 Radio Communications continued PAGING La Crosse Fire Dept Onalaska Fire Dept Holmen Fire Dept Shelby Fire Dept Bangor Fire & First Responders Campbell Fire & First Responders Farmington Fire & First Responders West Salem Fire & First Responders Brice Prairie First Responders Dive/Rescue Team Emergency Government Emergency Alert System Mass Casualty Team

17 Radio Communications continued Bangor Fire Department Campbell Fire Department Farmington Fire Department Holmen Fire Department Shelby Fire Department Sirens Bangor Warning System Holmen Warning System La Crosse Warning System West Salem Warning System We provide Law Enforcement Computer services for all criminal justice agencies in La Crosse County. Monitor Marine Band Radio and dispatch for water-related emergencies.

18 It’s just another day! During an Average day in 2009, we: * Answer or place 823 phone calls * Answer 77 9-1-1 calls * Dispatch 300 police calls for service * Dispatch 17 emergency medical calls for service * Dispatch 6 fire calls for service * Obtain 92 criminal histories * Obtain 74 driving records * Obtain 5 vehicle registration records * Send 13 administrative messages * Enter 9 warrants * Cancel 11 warrants

19 Average CallsAverage Calls Hours of the Day 1st Shift2nd Shift3rd Shift 35%40%25% 2009 Average Calls For Service By Hour Help!

20 Busiest Day of the Week Total calls for service for the year average for each day of the week


22 2009 Law Enforcement Calls For Service La Crosse Police Dept59,579 La Crosse Sheriff’s Dept 22,407 Onalaska Police Dept15,211 Holmen Police Dept 5,584 Campbell Police Dept 3,471 Bangor Police Dept 2,568 West Salem Police Dept 3,648 Shelby Police Dept 783 TOTAL POLICE CALLS FOR SERVICE 113,251 1%

23 Law Enforcement Calls For Service – 15-year History The above chart reflects one count per agency per call

24 Law Enforcement Calls In 10 Years 5%


26 2009 Emergency Medical Calls La Crosse First Responders 3,489 Onalaska First Responders 1,032 Holmen First Responders 501 West Salem First Responders 289 Shelby First Responders 152 Bangor First Responders 201 Campbell First Responders 163 Farmington First Responders 91 Brice Prairie First Responders 48 Coon Valley First Responders (La Crosse County Calls) 9 TOTAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL CALLS 5,975 3 %

27 Emergency Medical Calls 15-Year History

28 Emergency Medical Calls In 10 Years 78%


30 2009 Fire Calls Dispatched La Crosse Fire Dept 1,244 Onalaska Fire Dept 327 Holmen Fire Dept 151 West Salem Fire Dept 76 Shelby Fire Dept 50 Campbell Fire Dept 53 Farmington Fire Dept 47 Bangor/Rockland Fire Dept 43 Coon Valley Fire Dept 8 TOTAL FIRE CALLS 1,999 4 %

31 Fire Calls Dispatched 15-Year History

32 Fire Calls In 10 Years 10% FD


34 Total Calls Average per Month Average per Day By Month January February March April May June July August September October November December 6% 2008 318,653 26,554 871 25,831 24,999 24,144 25,738 28,018 28,422 28,639 26,905 28,691 27,565 24,198 25,503 2009 300,439 25,037 823 25,697 21,370 24,763 25,776 26,856 26,852 27,479 26,105 25,532 23,996 22,262 23,751

35 Telephone Calls By Month

36 Past 15-year History (all calls) All-time total - 8,613,938 (since dispatch center inception in 1983)

37 All Telephone Calls 10 Year Comparison: 18 %

38 9-1-1 Phone Calls “9-1-1 Emergency!” 3% 20092008 Total 9-1-1 Calls27,994 28,830 Average per Month 2,333 2,400 Average per Day 77 79 By Month January 2,361 2,422 February 1,772 2,239 March 2,142 2,076 April 2,303 2,186 May 2,467 2,390 June 2,430 2,599 July 2,682 2,549 August 2,488 2,378 September 2,343 2,651 October 2,297 2,482 November 2,259 2,233 December 2,450 2,625

39 9-1-1 Calls By Day Average 9-1-1 Calls Per Week for 2009

40 9-1-1 Calls by Month

41 9-1-1 Calls 15 Year History (All-time total 616,304)

42 9-1-1 Telephone Calls In 10 Years: 1%

43 2009 9-1-1 Ring Time Facts Answering 9-1-1 Performance 10 seconds or less 95.11% of the time 20 seconds or less 99.38% of the time 40 seconds or less 99.93% of the time 19 out of 27,994 took more than 40 seconds. * National Emergency Number Association standards: answer 90% of calls in 10 seconds or less (during busy hour) answer 95% of the calls in 20 seconds or less.

44 All-Time Telephone Records Total Calls Most in a 24-hour period 2,399 – Sunday, August 19, 2007 Flash Flooding Least in a 24-hour period 323 - Sunday, April 30, 1989 Most in a month 35,542 – August 2007 (1,147 per day average) Least in a month 20,251 - February, 1987 (723 per day average) Most in a Year 374,726 – 2000 Least in a Year 291,233 - 1987 9-1-1 Calls Most in a 24-hour period 256 – Sunday, August 19, 2007 Flash Flooding Least in a 24-hour period 19 - Tuesday, December 25, 1984 Most in a month 3,037 – December 2000 (98 per day average) Least in a month 1,198 - February, 1986 (43 per day average) Most in a Year 29,668 – 2001 Least in a Year 17,621 - 1987

45 Busiest Days on Record All Calls 2,399 – Sunday, August 19, 2007 2,097 – Saturday, January 27, 1996 2,056 – Saturday, June 27, 1998 1,899 – Friday, February 9, 2001 1,672 – Wednesday, January 20, 1993 9-1-1 Calls 256 – Sunday, August 19, 2007 246 – Saturday, June 27, 1998 233 – Saturday, August 18, 2007 209 – Friday, February 23, 2007 201 – Sunday, August 26, 1990

46 2009 Comparisons with 2008 Total Calls – Down 6% 9-1-1 Calls – Down 3% Law Enforcement Calls – Up 1% Fire Calls – Down 1% EMS Calls – Up 3%

47 Public Safety Events In April, La Crosse was host to public safety professionals from throughout the Midwest when APCO’s (Association of Public-safety Communications Officials) North Central Regional Conference was held at the La Crosse Center. The north central region covers 13 states (Ohio, Michigan, Indian, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Wisconsin) The conference was a great success with many opportunities for training, networking and previewing the latest public safety technology.

48 APCO Conference Photos

49 Silent Key Communications Supervisor Fire Fighter Emergency Medical Technician APCO Member Regional Conference Committee Chair NENA Member Public Safety Communications Board Member Friend!

50 APCO Conference Photos Registration Office National Weather Service Vendor Booth Telecommunicator of the Year Award Presented by the President of APCO International, Chris Fischer and WI-NENA President, LeAnn Krieg to Louis Bixler, Dane County Communications Supervisor.

51 APCO Conference Photos


53 Thank you from all of the Wisconsin Chapter of APCO Members and Volunteers *A Special “Thank You “ to Lori Peterson for providing the photography services. APCO Conference Photos

54 La Crosse County 9-1-1 Center Featured on Discovery Channel On June 5, 2009, the second season of the Investigation Discovery: Call 911 began with two episodes that began with 9-1-1 calls answered at the La Crosse County Public Safety Communications Center. This series airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel and the Season 2 premiere episodes were called “Wisconsin Standoff, Parts 1 and 2”. The two half- hour documentary-styled shows featured the Phillip Schuth case, which occurred in April 2005 in Campbell Township. The episode featured interviews with officers from the Sheriff’s Department and the Campbell Police, as well as dispatchers from our Communications Center. Portions of the show included re-enactments of the events using actors. This is the second time La Crosse County Public Safety Communications had been included in a network television presentation. In 1989, the La Crosse Emergency Dispatch Center was part of an episode of Rescue: 911, hosted by William Shatner.

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