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Office of Mental Health FY 2005-2006 Children’s Budget Priorities.

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1 Office of Mental Health FY 2005-2006 Children’s Budget Priorities

2 FY 2005–2006 Budget Priorities  Maintain Current Children’s Programs  Expand Crisis Services to include Adults  Partnerships

3 FY 2005 Children’s Budget AgencyFY 2005 Appropriated Child/Adolescent Budget % Child Budgeted 330-OMH Central Office$20,427,280$9,413,66346% 331-Mental Health Area C$48,582,449$7,319,79215% 332-Mental Health Area B$105,870,533$4,786,7045% 333-Mental Health Area A$91,687,661$13,922,96716% TOTAL$266,567,923$35,443,12612%

4 FY 2005 Children’s Budget %

5 Early Childhood Supports and Services (ECSS) A local, integrated, comprehensive system of prevention and care for young children, age birth to five, who are exposed to risk factors such as neglect, exposure to violence, parental mental illness, parental substance abuse, poverty, or who has a developmental disability. This program promotes collaboration and partnership development of all entities at both the state and local level that provide services and/or supports to young children and their families. This program promotes healthy early brain development and school readiness.

6 Early Childhood Supports and Services (ECSS) FY 2004 PROGRAM EXPENDITURES FY 2005 PROGRAM BUDGET FY 2006 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM BUDGET $3,068,052$4,700,000 FY2005 budget includes three additional sites.

7 Early Childhood Supports and Services (ECSS) Performance Outcomes FY 2004 Target FY 2004 Actual FY 2005 Target FY 2006 Preliminary Target Number of Families or Individuals Assessed For Risk Factors 1,0503,0521,876 Number of Youth With Family Service Plans Implemented 370698641 Number of Youth Receiving Infant Mental health Services 185491322

8 LA-Youth Enhanced Services (LA-YES) $9M Grant award received from SAMHSA that assists in the development of a comprehensive system of care for youth with serious emotional disturbance. It specifically targets youth that are at risk or in the custody of the Juvenile Justice System and/or the Child Welfare System. The system is to be located in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemine, and St. Tammany parishes. Currently, the project's award is funded for 6 years. Reference legislation – ACT 28 which creates a pilot program for delivery of children’s mental health services.

9 LA-Youth Enhanced Services (LA-YES) FY2004 Program Expenditures FY2005 Program Budget FY2006 Program Budget $248,023$1,500,000$2,500,000 Update LA-YES is ended it’s first year; the planning year. LA-Yes Care Management ORGs are now online.

10 School-Based Health Centers School-based health centers provide mental health services and addictive disorder services to students with the highest prevalence of unmet psychosocial and substance abuse needs in targeted schools and to prevent out- of-school placement of high-risk students.

11 School-Based Health Centers FY2004 Program Expenditures FY2005 Program Budget FY2006 Preliminary Budget $65,767$75,917

12 Current School-Based Health Centers Moss Bluff Middle School – Lake Charles Gillis Elementary – Lake Charles Booker T. Washington – New Orleans Abramson School – New Orleans Lawless – New Orleans

13 School-Based Health Centers Performance OutcomesFY2004 Actual FY2006 Preliminary Target Number of Students Served (Duplicated Count) 834860 Number of Students Served (Unduplicated Count) 937960

14 Nurse Family Partnership OMH provides (2) half-time Mental Health professionals. Nurse Family Partnership is a program initiated by OPH as a nurse visiting program for first time high risk mothers. This highly effective approach was enhanced by OMH through the addition of mental health professionals to the team. These staff work with the team and families to prevent and act as early intervention specialists when mental health issues present as a problem. Update:  Through contract services, the agency will be giving attention to the issue of depression in mothers and it’s impact on their children.

15 Initiatives Through Collaborative Support By The Children’s Cabinet All programs will be strengthened through collaborative support of the children’s cabinet.

16 Service Expansion through Partnerships OMH Department of Education- school based Mental Health OCS- residential treatment OYS- crisis respite OPH- nurse family partnership Medicaid- residential treatment / community based waiver OCDD- complex cases OAD- co-sig

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