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2 Hitler believes Germ should build a great empire (the THIRD REICH)

3 Need more land to East (Russia) & Slavic peoples should be used as slaves to build 3rd Reich

4 DON’T WRITE!! Hitler creates new air force March 9, 1935. Begins military draft (Against Treaty Of Versailles). Fr, GB warn Germ, but do nothing.

DON’T WRITE Hitler knows they won’t use force. Invades RHINELAND March 1936

6 DON’T WRITE! Fr won’t act w/o GB.
GB doesn’t support using force (b/c Germ owns Rhine any way)

7 THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE Hitler & MUSSOLINI (Italy) become allies, b/c they believe must create big empire


9 1936: Germ & It sign treaty recognizing poli & eco interests called the Rome-Berlin Axis. .
Invades Ethiopia w/ Germ support, angering GB & FR

10 AUSTRIA DON’T WRITE!! 1937, Hitler threatens to invade Austria.
Aus Chancellor put Nazis in charge of govt. Govt then “invites” Germ troops to come in & maintain order. Annexed March 13, 1938


12 DON’T WRITE!! Next goal: destroy Czechoslovakia Demands Germ be given SUDENTENLAND (NW Cz) on Sept 15, 1938.

13 Policy of APPEASEMENT- belief that if you satisfy demands of unhappy nations, then unhappy powers will be content & there will be peace

14 Fr, GB, Germ & It meet at MUNICH CONFERENCE
Fr, GB, Germ & It meet at MUNICH CONFERENCE. France & GB appease Hitler & give him Cz. (See chart above for rest) Hitler promises to make no more demands. BIG LIE! Cz abandoned

15 Neville Chamberlain, GB Prime Minister, says “This will create peace for our time”


17 Hitler thinks Euro weak & won’t stop him
Hitler thinks Euro weak & won’t stop him. Took over rest of CZ 1939 & demands Polish port of DANZIG.

18 GB & FR realize they need Soviets to stop Nazis & negotiate w/ USSR

19 ON Aug 29, 1939 Hitler & Stalin (USSR) sign Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, promising not to attack each other (to prevent a 2 front war)

20 Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

21 Pact gave Stalin E.Poland & Baltics

22 Hitler invades Poland Sept 1, 1939.
Sept 3, GB & FR declare war.

23 JAPANESE PATH TO WAR Sept 1933: Japan attacks Manchuria for resources.
League of Nations sends investigators.

24 US warns Japan that economic SANCTIONS (economic restrictions to enforce laws) will be used unless Japan w/draws to old borders

25 Big Dilemma! Japan must decide what they need more: Indochina’s resources or US’s oil & iron

26 Germany’s fast attacks shock world.
BLITZKRIEG-lightening war- used armored columns (called panzer divisions) supported by planes. Each division had 300 tanks w/ forces & supplies. Breaks through areas & then bring in regular troops.


28 On 9/28/39, Poland surrenders & Germ & Soviets divide it up.
On 4/9/40, Hitler uses Blitzkrieg against Norway & Sweden.

29 On 5/10/40 launch attack on Netherlands, Belgium & Fr w/ main assault thru Luxembourg & ARDENNES FOREST.


31 Panzers break thru weak FR defenses, cut across FR, & go around MAGINOT LINE (Heavy fortifications) on Germ/FR border.

32 Splits Allies in half, trapping FR & GB on Dunkirk beaches

33 6/22/40- Fr sign armistice & Germ occupies 3/5 of France. Germ set up authoritarian regime

34 Brits ask US for help. US passed NEUTRALITY ACTS & cannot take sides

35 Aug 1940 LUFTWAFFE launches attack (air force)
Hitler must get control of air to invade GB Aug 1940 LUFTWAFFE launches attack (air force) Hits bases, harbors, communication & industry. Brits fight & suffer losses.


37 DON’T WRITE Hitler starts to bomb cities to get back at GB for raid in Berlin. Because Germ stopped going after bases to get cities, GB rebuilds military strength. Hitler backs off in Sept

38 Hitler thought Brits waiting for Soviet help
6/22/41- Hitler Invades USSR. (Believed would win by winter). 1800 mile attack, but capture 2 mil Rus soldiers


40 Nov: Germ Army took Ukraine, 2nd attacked Leningrad & 3rd army 25 miles from Moscow.
Winter hits early & Strong Rus resistance stops Germ.

41 Dec. 7, 1941 Japan attacks US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Try to destroy Pacific fleet. Thought US would accept Japan’s domination of Pacific

42 KAMIKAZE (divine wind) were suicide pilots.

43 Japan took over much of SE Asia & W Pacific
US declares war Dec. 8 Joins the ALLIES Hitler declared war on US

44 New alliance- US, GB, & USSR are GRAND ALLIANCE
Agree to focus on military, not political issues. Will fight until AXIS POWERS (Germ, It, Japan) have UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER- no conditions attached.

45 women enter workforce. Some serve as nurses or WACS.

46 GENERAL ERWIN ROMMEL (Desert Fox) & his AFRIKA KORPs break thru Egypt.
Last big success for Germ.

47 Brits stop Rommel at EL ALAMEIN & he retreats.
US & Br invade N. Africa Nov 1942. It & Germ armies surrender in May 1943.

48 Hitler goes after Stalingrad (industrial center)
Hitler goes after Stalingrad (industrial center). -worst battle of the war. Many starve during siege, but Nov 1942-Feb 1943 Soviets counterattack, encircling Germs & cutting off supplies during winter.

49 Germ army surrenders & HITLER GIVES UP ON RUSSIA


51 US SUCCESS IN ASIA BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA- 5/7/42- US stops Japan’s advance to Australia. Battle of Midway Island 6/4/42 US destroys Japan’s navy. MAJOR TURNING POINT!!!


53 to attack Japanese held islands, by island hopping.
DOUGLAS MACARTHUR- US-move into Philippines thru S. Pacific Islands Others move across Pacific w/ combo of US marines, & navy to attack Japanese held islands, by island hopping.

54 Winston Churchill calls Italy “Soft underbelly of Europe “

55 DON’T WRITE!!! AXIS forces surrender in Tunisia (1943) Allies move into Italy Muss removed from power. King Victor Emmanuel offers to surrender

56 Germs free Mussolini & set up puppet Germ state in Italy.
DON’T WRITE Germs free Mussolini & set up puppet Germ state in Italy. Germ sets up defenses, takes Allies until 6/4/44 to take Rome

57 Allies open 2nd front w/ invasion of Fr from GB thru English Channel

58 GENERAL EISENHOWER Allied Forces under GEN DWIGHT EISENHOWER land at NORMANDY on 6/6/44- aka D-DAY


60 6/5/44- Stormy, men waiting in lSTs.
Germans nervous. Radio stations bombed, Luftwaffe grounded, telephone lines cut. Thought no invasion would occur Commanders away attending a war game subject was naval assault on Normandy At Calais, German radar picks up signals when Brits drop aluminum foil form planes & send up reflector balloons to look like troop transports US & Brits launch parachute and glider drops behind beaches

61 6. Beaches at Normandy given code names: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno & Sword. Utah & Omaha taken by US, rest by Brits & Canadians. Use clickers to find way in dark 7. 1:11 AM germ general gets phone call. Word reaches Rommel at 2:15 AM, but doesn't believe this is the invasion. Sent message to Runstedt

62 8. 2:55 sends message to Berlin
8. 2:55 sends message to Berlin.but not sure if attack is atNormandy or Calais. At 4:15, knows its Normandy 9. Sends message to Jodl, asking for reserves. 10. Jodl wakes up 6;30 & DENIES order. 11. Too late. 150,000 men, 1500 tanks, 5300 ships land. Huge success. Many die in the attacks. Good thing because one week later, Germans launch V-1 rockets on England and V-2s later. Flew up to 120 miles altitude and could not be stopped.




66 JUNE 6th, 1944


68 BATTLE OF KURSK Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle.
On July 12th, Luftwaffe & artillery units bombed Soviets. SS Divisions “were astonished to see masses of Soviet armor advancing towards them”. Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle.

69 Soviets move west & take Ukraine, Baltics & Warsaw by 1945.
Enter Berlin in Apr 1945 & swept thru Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria

70 Hitler moves into bunker.
Commits suicide April 30, 1945, 2 days after Mussolini killed

71 5/7/45 Germany surrenders!!

72 Russians on the Reichstag

73 1945: HARRY S TRUMAN debates whether to use atomic bomb.
Would stop invasion of Japan with million deaths, but don’t know true effects. Many civilians would die


75 8/6/45 drop bomb on HIROSHIMA, & NAGASAKI 3 days later
8/6/45 drop bomb on HIROSHIMA, & NAGASAKI 3 days later. (levels cities, many die) Emperor Hero Hito surrenders. Dropped by Paul Tibbets



78 Fat Man

79 Designation Width Length Weight Yield
Mk-I "Little Boy" Mk-III "Fat Man" Width 28 in. 60.25 in. Length 120 in. 128 in. Weight 8,900 lb. 10,300 lb. Yield Kt 21 Kt




83 Whats left of the city



86 Emperor Hirohito



89 WAR DEAD Total Servicemen worldwide: 16,112,566
6-10 million in concentration camps 20 million to 50 million civilians

90 World War II Memorial


92 Period of political tension starts after war over ideology (political ideas) called COLD WAR!!

93 TEHRAN CONFERENCE- Stalin, Roosevelt & Churchill (Big Three) met in Tehran in Nov 1943 to decide course of war.

94 Stalin & FDR want an US-Brit invasion of Germ thru France in spring 1944.
E. Europe would be freed by Soviets

95 YALTA CONFERENCE Met at Yalta in Russia (Feb 1945)
Soviets now in E. Euro.

96 Stalin wants pro-soviet govts along USSR border to act as a buffer for protection.

97 FDR wants: SELF-DETERMINATION: each nation determines their govts.
Big 3 create & join UNITED NATIONS. First meeting set for San Francisco April 1945.

98 Germ divided into 4 zones ruled by FR, GB, USSR & US.
Germ must surrender unconditionally. Germ divided into 4 zones ruled by FR, GB, USSR & US. Free elections in Poland

99 POTSDAM CONFERENCE- FDR dies & replaced by Harry Truman.
Truman wants free elections in E. Euro. Stalin says no, (would not be pro-soviet)

100 Winston Churchill says an “iron curtain” has descended across the continent.

101 NUREMBURG TRIALS- Nazi leaders tried & convicted as war criminals in Nov ‘45-Sept ‘46.
Many executed

102 Oct. 1 - last day - judges announced verdicts -
12 given death: Goring, von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Kaltenbrunner, Rosenberg, Franck, Frick, Streicher, Sauckel, Jodl, Seyss-Inquart, Bormann (were hung Oct. 16, Goering committed suicide 2 given life: Raeder, Hess 2 given 20 yrs: Baldur von Schirach, Speer 1 given 15 yrs, 1 given 10 yrs 3 acquitted: 12 more at Nuremberg convicted 10,000 Germans convicted death


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