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Hudson Catholic Regional High School January 28, 2013.

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1 Hudson Catholic Regional High School January 28, 2013

2 The mission of Hudson Catholic Regional High School, a diocesan college preparatory school in the Lasallian tradition serving a diverse community, is to educate the men and women entrusted to our care through a comprehensive and demanding curriculum complemented by an integrated program of extracurricular activities emphasizing spiritual, social and physical values, designed to encourage individual development and responsibility to the community.

3 “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Saint Luke

4  Proud Tradition of the De La Salle Christian Brothers  100 % college acceptance!!!  100% graduation rate!!!  Rigorous and Challenging College Prep Curriculum!!!  De La Salle Honors Program!!!  Early College Credit Program at St. Peter’s University!!! Save thousands on your college tuition!!!  Advanced Placement Courses (with increased curriculum offerings over the next year)!!!

5  Championship Athletic Programs!!!  Girls’ Volleyball – 2012 League Champs  Soccer – 2012 league Champs  Three league “Coach of the Year Awards” for Fall 2012  Basketball - #2 Team in the Tri-State Area  Wide Variety of Co-curricular Activities  Academic Clubs – (i.e Mock Trial, )  Arts – (i.e. dance, dramatic arts)

6  Premier Alumni Network of Support!!!  Innovative Partnership with AT&T which includes Mentors and Tutors for our students!!!  Catholic Identity of the school!!!  Christian Service Opportunities!!!  Middle States Accredited!!!  Caring, family atmosphere!!!

7  Ivy League Enrollment(Two students at Princeton University and one at the University of Pennsylvania)  College acceptance includes: Cornell, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore, NYU, the University of Chicago, Brown, Cornell, Duke, NYU, Villanova and the University of Chicago

8 De La Salle Scholars are a select group of students who commit themselves to the pursuit of truth and knowledge. These scholars are expected to be active learners who take responsibility for their education.

9 Students are selected for the Scholars Program based on their:  Overall intellectual ability as demonstrated by their grammar school grade point average  High school entrance test scores  Recommendations provided by a teacher and/or counselor

10  To ensure that each student has an opportunity to develop their intellectual gifts to the fullest.  To enhance the opportunities for fellowship, service and leadership in a Christian community.  To provide guidance and mentoring to students in the appreciation of their own talents and those of others.

11  To graduate students with an integrative education, dedicated to lifelong learning who are:  21 st Century Learners;  Well grounded in humanities and sciences;  Able to communicate successfully both orally and in writing;  Convinced of their responsibility for their own development and that of the community.

12  Honor level courses in all subject areas.  Opportunity to take multiple Advanced Placement courses.  Twelve College Credits at Saint Peter’s University at a reduced rate.  One week pre-freshman summer program in communication, research and study skills.  A full Honors course load, including Honors Latin, during the freshman year.  An Integrative Seminar during the sophomore year.  A Service Project during the junior/senior year.  A Scholars Qualifying Paper during the senior year.

13 FRESHMAN YEAR (35 credits) Survey of the Catholic Faith (5 credits) Honors Algebra I or another approved math course (5 credits) Honors Biology (5 credits each) Honors Comparative Literature (5 credits) Honors World History (5 credits) Honors Latin 1 (5 credits) Computer Applications (2.5 credits) Physical Education & Health 1 (2.5 credits)

14 SOPHOMORE YEAR (35 credits) The Bible (5 credits) Honors American Literature (5 credits) Honors Algebra 2/Geometry or an approved math course (5 credits) Honors Chemistry (5 credits) Honors U.S. History 1 (5 credits) Honors World Language (5 credits) Integrative Seminar (2.5 credits) Physical Education & Health 2 (2.5 credits)

15 JUNIOR YEAR (30 credits + 6 credits at SPU) Peer Ministry(5 credits) Honors British Literature (5 credits) Honors Trigonometry/Pre-calculus or another approved math course (5 credits) Advanced Placement Chemistry, Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology, Advanced Placement Environmental Science (5 credits each) Advanced Placement U.S History 2 (5 credits) Modern Language Elective from either cluster (5 credits) Two College Courses at Saint Peter’s University

16 SENIOR YEAR (30 credits + 6 credits at SPU) World Religions (5 credits) Advanced Placement English (5 Credits) Two College Courses at Saint Peter’s University Elective Courses (20 credits)

17 Honors Physics (5 credits each) Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology (5 credits) Honors Genetic Engineering/Histology (5 credits) Forensics, Environmental Science (5 credits each) Media Studies (5 credits)

18 Psychology/21stCentury Issues (5 credits) Civil War/World War II (5 credits) Economics/Marketing, Accounting (5 credits each) Film Study, Fantasy, Sci Fi, & Horror (5 credits each) Intro to Art, Printmaking, Photography (5 credits each) Advanced Placement Art History (5 credits)

19  HUDSON COUNTY  PATH trains are operating between Newark Penn Station and 33rd Street from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.  The Light Rail is running on its regular schedule.  NJ Transit Buses on Kennedy Blvd  UNION COUNTY  The NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line runs a modified schedule between High Bridge and Newark Penn Station.  PATH trains operate between Newark Penn Station and 33rd Street. Connect to PATH at Newark Penn.  New York City  PATH trains run between Newark Penn Station and 33rd Street in Manhattan from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.. Stops will include Newark Penn, Harrison, and Journal Square.

20 As educators in the 21st century, we are charged with educating students to be successful in a complex, interconnected world. This responsibility requires schools to prepare students for technological, cultural, economic, informational, and demographic changes. (ASCD, 2008)

21 Hudson Catholic Hawks Soaring to New Heights

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