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Robert La Salle 1643-1687 By: Alex White and Dylan Nunn.

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1 Robert La Salle By: Alex White and Dylan Nunn

2 Where he explored Robert was a French explorer. His explorations helped France expand there territory in North America. He sailed from Canada down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.

3 How many voyages did la Salle go on? Robert went on 3 voyages in his life. One, to map the Mississippi. One to present day Illinois, and one to Louisiana.

4 Why did la Salle go on his voyage? La Salle went on his voyages because he wanted to find gold for his country. He also wanted to claim more land for his country.

5 What parts of the world did la Salle explore? He explored North America. From Canada to the gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi river.

6 How did la Salle’s voyages influence the world? Roberts voyages influenced the world by expanding France’s territory in America. Also, he was able to provide gold to france.

7 When and how did he die? He died on March 20 th 1687, he was betrayed and shot by his men. He was 44 years old. He was murdered because his men were unhappy because of the harsh working conditions, la Salle also became very sick before his death.


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