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Circulatory System By: Kianna and Maddie.

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1 Circulatory System By: Kianna and Maddie

2 Major Functions of the Circulatory System
Continually supply oxygen and nutrients throughout your body Consists of three types of circulation Coronary Pulmanary Systemic Circulation

3 Components Of Your Blood
Blood consists with the following: Red Blood Cells- Have no nuclei and contain hemoglobin which carries oxygen and carbon dioxide from your lungs to your body cells. White blood cells- Fight bacteria, viruses, and other invaders of your body. Your body reacts to invaders by increasing the number of white blood cells. Platelets- Irregularly shaped cell fragments that help clot blood. Plasma- Liquid part of blood made mostly of water.

4 The Path Your Blood Travels
Blood travels through your arteries and veins Your red blood cells help carry your blood through your body. Your heart pumps your blood through your body by using pressure. This is known as your blood pressure.

5 How Your Circulatory System Works With Other Systems in Your Body
Red blood cells help carry oxygen to your lungs which connects to your respiratory system. The Circulatory System helps carry white blood cells through your body which contributes to the Immune System. Works with your Digestive System by moving wastes so they can be disposed by the body.

6 Fun Facts About Your Circulatory System!
8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second The reason why red blood cells are red is because they contain a protein called hemoglobin which is bright red in color The three types of circulation in your body do the following: Corunary-the flow of blood to and from the tissue of the heart Pulmanary-The flow of blood through the heart to the lungs and back Systemic- oxygen rich blood moves to all of your organs and body tissues except the heart and lungs and oxygen poor blood returns to the heart. Inside a tiny droplet of blood there are about 5 million red blood cells and up to 7,000 to 25,000 white blood cells.

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