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If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon

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1 If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon

2 Pack Your Wagons! We are Headin’ West on the Oregon Trail

3 Why Travel West? Oregon is the Land of Promise. You will find rich soil to farm. The rivers are full of fish. It’s the land of thousand of acres. It would be a new beginning.

4 How Far Was Is it to Oregon Territory?
The trip west was approximately 2, 000 miles. It was a difficult trip as the pioneers had to cross unfamiliar prairies, rivers, and mountains.

5 Beginning the Journey West
The jumping off point for most of pioneers was Independence, Missouri. The best time of year to start your trip was May.

6 What Supplies Would You Need for Your Journey West?
The pioneers would buy the necessary supplies in Independence, Missouri at the General Store before leaving on the Oregon Trail.

7 What to Take Along The pioneers would need about $600 to buy the supplies needed for their trip.

8 A Sample Supply List A Wagon and Cover Flour Bacon Coffee Rope Tools
Pots and Pans

9 Landmarks Along the Way

10 What Challenges Did the Pioneers Face?
Crossing raging rivers Heat and Dust Disease Poisonous Snakes Crossing Mountains

11 Hooray! Oregon City Here We Are!
It usually took the pioneers 5 to 6 months to reach Oregon City.

12 Pioneer Trivia Have you ever thought about how many shoes were worn out by the time the pioneers reached Oregon?

13 According to the diary of May Ellen Murdock Compton, she started from Independence, Missouri with 10 brand new pairs of shoes and wore all of them out except the last pair. She saved this pair for Oregon by walking barefoot over the last miles of her journey.

14 Are You Ready for Your Journey West? We Are Leaving Tomorrow!

15 The End Back to UBD

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