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Water Treatment Training Seminar School District of Philadelphia November 6, 2007.

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1 Water Treatment Training Seminar School District of Philadelphia November 6, 2007

2 Williard Limbach offers a complete range of comprehensive facility services including: Mechanical Construction Plumbing HVAC Maintenance & 24-Hour Service Water Treatment Williard Limbach Services

3 Maintenance & Service Custom-tailored HVAC maintenance agreements Water Treatment chemicals & service HVAC & Plumbing system modernization

4 Maintenance & Service Customers Abington Hospital AIG Hopkinson House Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia School District Philadelphia Stock Exchange Science Center University of Pennsylvania Winterthur Museum 700 formal agreements in place 500 HVAC contracts 200 Water Treatment contracts Over 1,500 buildings are served by our fleet of service vehicles

5 Liacouras Center This 11,000 seat multi- purpose convocation center is home to the Temple Owls Plumbing systems installed by Williard Limbach

6 Temple/Shriners Hospital A 10-story, 400,000 square foot dual-owned children’s hospital Williard Limbach installed all HVAC & plumbing systems

7 Abington Hospital – Toll Pavilion This 6-story, 325,000 square foot facility provides critical care for the Abington community Williard Limbach installed all HVAC, plumbing & electrical systems Williard Limbach maintains the HVAC systems for Abington Memorial Hospital & Medical Offices

8 Mercy Suburban Hospital 65,000 sq ft Emergency / Operating room addition Williard Limbach installed all HVAC systems New installation has improved overall efficiency of the HVAC systems by 30% Hospital is applying for Gold LEED certification

9 Wachovia Center This 21,000 seat arena is home to the Flyers & 76ers Williard Limbach installed all electrical systems

10 CitiBank Chestnut Hill Doylestown Norristown Plymouth Meeting Warrington Five LEED designed branches that will be submitted to the United State Green Building Council (USGBC) Recently awarded these projects, Williard Limbach is responsible for the HVAC & Plumbing

11 Water Treatment Service Providing quality water management for heating & air conditioning systems, by safely maintaining the chemical balance necessary for efficient HVAC equipment operation.

12 Applications Condenser water Closed loop 3Chilled 3Hot 3Dual Temp 3Reheat Steam boilers 3Make-up 3Feedwater 3Boiler water 3Condensate Process cooling water

13 Water Treatment Equipment Micro-processor controllers Automatic chemical feed Blow-down control Corrosion monitoring Brominators Metering pumps Remote monitoring & control Computer interface with building operations systems Neutralizers Softeners Dealkalizers Reverse osmosis Filters Containment systems Mixers Feeders Deionizers

14 Water Treatment Products Corrosion Inhibitors Anti-foulants dispersants Scale retardants pH control White rust inhibitors EPA registered products 3Fungicides 3Algaecides 3Bactericides 3Oxidizing biocides USDA & FDA registered products Boiler dispersants Scale sequestrants Oxygen scavengers Alkalinity builders Anti-foams Chelating agents Filming Amines Neutralizing amines Alkaline boilouts Iron dispersants

15 Full service agreements Surveillance agreements Chemical & equipment sales Turnkey installations Water Treatment

16 Full Service Program Scheduled service inspections On-site water analysis Equipment calibration & maintenance Inventory control & drum maintenance Cooling tower inspection Visual inspection of open boilers & chillers Review results & logs with operating staff Issue written report on service inspection Guarantee scale free operation 24 hour emergency service

17 Surveillance Scheduled service by technical sales staff Instruct customer personnel on chemical addition On-site water analysis Equipment calibration Inventory control Review test results & daily test logs with operating staff Prepare service reports with test results & recommendation Discuss findings & report with facility manager Train operating personnel 24 hour emergency service

18 Turnkey Installations Engineering & design Installation by qualified in-house technicians Equipment commissioning Training of on-site operating personnel

19 Technical Sevices Complete laboratory water/deposit analysis Computerized monitoring Corrosion coupons Microbiolgical studies Legionella analysis Water re-use studies Video inspection Statistical process control Regulatory compliance assistance Leak testing & analysis On-site training of customer’s personnel

20 Pre-Treatment Services Pre-treatment systems in use are Ion Exchange Water Softeners Softeners remove the calcium & magnesium hardness from the raw make-up water prior to it entering the boiler feed water system Important part of reducing the scaling tendencies in industrial steam boiler system

21 Steam Boilers Objective of water treatment is to control corrosion & deposition Efficient operation requires control over deposits, which will interfere with proper heat transfer Water treatment plays an important role in reducing energy costs & keeping boiler fuel lines clear, running at maximum efficiency

22 Chemical Oxygen Scavenging Chemical treatment for the control of low pressure boiler & boiler feed-water line corrosion is generally thought of as the application of chemical oxygen scavengers such as sulfite for the purpose of removing residual feed- water oxygen

23 Testing Procedures Conductivity (Blowdown) Conductivity / TDS –Rinse & fill sample cup of tester –Let stand for 15 – 30 seconds –Turn power on to tester –Once reading stabilizes, record on Boiler Log under “Conductivity” –The control limits for on line boilers are 2500 – 3500 micromohs –If reading is above 3500 increase blowdown rate –If reading is below 2500 decrease blowdown rate

24 Testing Procedures Sulfite (Oxygen Scavenger) Boiler Tests Sulfite Test –Rinse & fill test vial to 25-ml line with boiler water –Add 1 drop Taylor R-0638 (phenolthalein) (sample turns pink) –Add 2 dippers of Taylor R-0725 (acid starch) (pink color disappears) –Swirl & add another dipper of Taylor R-0725 (acid starch) –Add Taylor R-0699 (potassium iodide iodate) one drop at a time until sample turns a permanent blue –Multiply number of drops by 10 –Record on log sheet under “Sulfite” –Control range is 30-60 ppm for on line boilers

25 Treatment Logs Treatment logs are critical to any treatment program Logs are an excellent tool used to help maintain systems & identify potential problems in a system before damage can occur

26 On-Site Field Training –Water Samples Proper location point for each system sample Sampling techniques –Test Procedures Review test procedures Perform each test Record results Adjust chemical feed & blowdown to control –Efficiency Readings Locate each parameter to read Ensure proper operation of testing probes Record results Determine if system is operating efficiently Training Program



29 Chemical Handling Material safety data sheets Safety equipment Proper chemical handling Chemical spills Our Safety Commitment All Williard Limbach employees (office & technical staff) have been trained in the Incident & Injury Free (IIF) Safety Program Williard Limbach’s goal is to send our employees & our customer’s employees home to their families incident and injury free everyday. Safety

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