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Weird West By: KJ Kearney.

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1 Weird West By: KJ Kearney

2 States and Capitals Olympia, Washington Salt Lake City, Utah Boise, Idaho Carson City, Nevada Helena, Montana Honolulu, Hawaii Salem, Oregon Sacramento, California Denver, Colorado Cheyenne, Wyoming Juneau, Alaska

3 Natural Resources Ocean Fish Copper Lumber Silver Gold Trees Oil (Alaska) Lead Zinc Soil

4 Climate Hot Cold Wet Dry Arid

5 Landforms Ocean Lakes Rivers Mountains Islands Forests Desert Tundra Volcanoes

6 Jobs/Industries Farming Fishing Logging Furnituring Mining Tourism Technology Shipping Drilling

7 Interesting facts/ places
Death Valley National Parks Ocean San Francisco Hollywood Redwood Forest The West region has the hottest place (Death Valley) and the coldest place (Alaska) in the U.S. The West is the only region that is bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

8 West Region By: KJ Kearney

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