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Game Board Let’s Play Jeopardy Game Board Properties of Matter Jeopardy Go to the next slide by clicking mouse. Choose a category and number value clicking.

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2 Game Board Let’s Play Jeopardy

3 Game Board Properties of Matter Jeopardy Go to the next slide by clicking mouse. Choose a category and number value clicking on the button. When you answer the question you can click on the green button to find the correct answer. To select a new question click on the red game board button. From the game board you can click on the blue button to see the score board.

4 Game Board Physical and Chemical Properties 1 Changes 2 Key Terms 3 Phase Changes 4 Miscellaneous Score Board

5 Game Board Properties 100 The mass of a block of wood is 50 grams. This is a __________ property. See Answer

6 Game Board Properties 100 A What is a physical property. Score Board

7 Game Board Properties 200 The fact that propane is flammable is a ____________ property. See Answer

8 Game Board Properties 200 A What is a chemical property? Score Board

9 Game Board Properties 300 The temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid. See Answer

10 Game Board Properties 300A What is the melting point? Score Board

11 Game Board Properties 400 The amount of matter in an object compared to how much space it takes up… See Answer

12 Game Board Properties 400A What is density? Score Board

13 Game Board Properties 500 Give an example of a physical and a chemical property of a substance. See Answer

14 Game Board Properties 500A Answers will vary. Examples: Physical: color, shape, size, density, volume, taste Chemical: metals react with oxygen, flammability, baking soda/vinegar producing a gas Score Board

15 Game Board Changes 100 A change in which the substance does not change it’s identity. See Answer

16 Game Board Changes 100A What is a physical change? Score Board

17 Game Board Changes 200 Magnesium ribbon burning and producing light and a white powder is an example of … See Answer

18 Game Board Changes 200A What is a chemical change? Score Board

19 Game Board Changes 300 List four physical changes. See Answer

20 Game Board Changes 300A Answers will vary. Examples: Melting, freezing, evaporating, condensing, dissolving, chopping, tearing, breaking….. Score Board

21 Game Board Changes 400 _____________ changes produce new substances. See Answer

22 Game Board Changes 400A What are chemical changes? Score Board

23 Game Board Changes 500 List some chemical changes. See Answer

24 Game Board Changes 500A Answers will vary. Examples: Burning paper, souring, rusting, tarnishing, baking, frying an egg Score Board

25 Game Board Key Terms 100 The temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas. Answer

26 Game Board Key Terms 100A What is the boiling point? Score Board

27 Game Board Key Terms 200 The ability of a substance to burn. Answer

28 Game Board Key Terms 200A What is flammability? Score Board

29 Game Board Key Terms 300 Mass can not be created or destroyed in a chemical change. Answer

30 Game Board Key Terms 300 A What is the Law of Conservation of Mass (Matter)? Score Board

31 Game Board Key Terms 400 The fact that a balloon expands and contracts when brought into a warmer or cold environment is because the __________ of a gas changes. Answer

32 Game Board Key Terms 400A What is volume? Score Board

33 Game Board Key Terms 500 The way that light is reflected off of a metal substance (it’s shiny) is the physical property called _________. Answer

34 Game Board Key Terms 500 A What is luster? Score Board

35 Game Board Phases Changes 100 When a gas releases enough energy to allow the particles to slow down and come close together as a liquid this is know as … Answer

36 Game Board Phase Changes 100A What is condensation? Score Board

37 Game Board Phase Changes 200 Melting occurs when….. (Describe what is happening to the molecules of the substance) Answer

38 Game Board Phase Changes 200A The particles of a solid absorb enough heat energy that they break free from their set pattern and move freely as liquid molecules. Score Board

39 Game Board Phase Changes 300 Answer Phase changes are examples of ________ changes.

40 Game Board Phase Changes 300A What are physical changes? Score Board

41 Game Board Phase Changes 400 During a phase change the temperature of a substance…. Answer

42 Game Board Phase Changes 400A What is stays the same? Score Board

43 Game Board Phase Changes 500 Describe the differences between a solid, a liquid, and a gas. (Describe using the movement and arrangement of the particles of each) Answer

44 Game Board Phase Changes 500A What is a.. Solid: particles are stuck in a set pattern and can only vibrate back and forth; their shape cannot change; volume stays the same Liquids: particles are free flowing and move faster than solids; they take the shape of their container but their volume stays the same Gases: particles move very fast in random motion; their volume can change and their shape can change. Score Board

45 Game Board Miscellaneous 100 Answer Pounding a metal into a thin sheet is known as _________.

46 Game Board Miscellaneous 100A What is malleability? Score Board

47 Game Board Miscellaneous 200 At what temperature (Celcius) does water freeze? _______ Boil? _______ Answer

48 Game Board Miscellaneous 200A What is 0 degrees Celcius? - Freezing What is 100 degrees Celcius? - Boiling Score Board

49 Game Board Miscellaneous 300 Density is measured in …. Answer

50 Game Board Miscellaneous 300A What is g/mL? or g/cm 3 ? Score Board

51 Game Board Miscellaneous 400 List 3 physical properties and 1 chemical properties of a penny Answer

52 Game Board Miscellaneous 400A Physical: shiny (luster, malleable, copper- colored, about 1 mL in volume, about 2.5 grams Chemical: reacts with oxygen to tarnish, reacts with acids to produce a gas Score Board

53 Game Board Miscellaneous 500 An 8 gram piece of lead has a density of 11 grams/cm 3. What is the density of a 16 gram piece of lead? Answer

54 Game Board Miscellaneous 500A What is 11 grams/cm 3 ? Score Board

55 Game Board Scoreboard Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5

56 Game Board References Microsoft Clipart Created by Mary Frederick

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