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Black Footed Ferret By: Nohemy Flores Kathryn Donnell Ruby Camarillo.

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1 Black Footed Ferret By: Nohemy Flores Kathryn Donnell Ruby Camarillo

2 Description… Black footed ferrets are tan, and have black markings on their feet, legs, and the tip of their tails. Their size from head to body is usually 15- 20 inches, and the tail is usually 4.25-5 inches.

3 Habitat… The black-footed ferret is usually found on short grass and mid-grass prairies. When it’s not doing anything it occupies an underground burrow.

4 Location… They lived in prairie colonies from Southern Canada to northern Mexico. By 1986 they were completely gone from the wild. Today they have been reintroduced in Wyoming, South Dakota, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas, & Mexico.

5 Food Sources… Prairie dogs make up 90% of their diet. They could eat over 100 prairie dogs in one year. They are known to eat ground squirrels, small rodents, rabbits and birds.

6 Fun Facts… Black Footed Ferrets don’t migrate. Females ferrets are called jills, and males are hobs. Baby ferrets are called kits.

7 Year & why… They were added in the Endangered Species List in 1986. They are extinct because only 2 % of the land that they had still exists. They are basically homeless.

8 Action Plan… By fundraisers, the southern states will purchase about 1,000 acres and put prairie dogs. The prairie dogs will help feed Black-Footed Ferrets. The amount of Ferrets will be as much as agricultural possible.

9 Letter to Leader… Dear Senator Judith Zaffrini of District 21, The Black-Footed Ferret is an endangered animal in North America. Mainly because by 1986, only 2% of their grasslands were still functional. We think we should have fundraisers to raise money to buy 1,000 acres. These acres will have prairie dogs so the Ferrets so they can eat. These acres will have as many Ferrets as possible. Sincerely, Kids trying to help a friendly creature!

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