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Culture- and Industry Studies Nationalism and globalisation M-exchange students 11.20.13.

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1 Culture- and Industry Studies Nationalism and globalisation M-exchange students 11.20.13

2 Globalisation What do you understand by ”globalisation”? Does globalisation make us more alike or more different?

3 Globalisation, definitions Globalisation can be: -A process. -A state of being. -A system. -A force. -An age. Globalisation is social change.

4 Globalisation, characteristics 1.Creation of new and increase of existing social networks. 2.Expansion and flexibility of social relations, activities and interlinked relations. 3. Intensification and acceleration of social exchange and activity. 4. Creation, expansion and intensification of social connections and interdependencies are both objective (material) and subjective (the way you think).

5 Globalisation and music Feld (2000), pp. 145-46 1.The meaning of music as social identity is intensified. 2.Sound virtuality: Every musical world is accesible. 3.Recording technology defines music today. Makes a global market possible. 4.Musical homogeniasation >< diversity. Classic example: I_T3XvzPaM I_T3XvzPaM

6 Musik og nationalisme “More than any other form of identity, nationalism closes the gap between music and culture. In so doing, it heightens the disjuncture created by different musical processes for constructing the nation.” (Bohlman 2003, s. 50)

7 Musik og nationalisme Danish music: “One of the greatest audience succeses in Danish rock music Gasolin (1969-78) (with the singer and composer Kim Larsen) created a completely special Danish rock music with idiomatic texts and singable melodies.” (The Danish Encyclopedia)

8 Music and nationalism Spillemændene. Christensen (2012): ”After a time with a Danish disposition there is a incorporation of the alien elements. And a decisive appropriation seems to take place when the expression of the great abroad is adapted to the Danish language.” “Deres musik er altså en forhandling mellem nationalt og internationalt, fortid og nutid. Mellem danske og udenlandske koryfæer, men også yngre hipsterbands fra Brooklyn.” “[G]ennemstrømmet af, hvad man måske kan kalde, en nordisk melankoli – sågar med aner i folkeviser […].” “Med en evne til at finde sig til rette på et godt branket værtshus, hvor jukeboksen synes fyldt med musik i et sært samarbejde mellem Dansk Folkemindesamling og musiksitet Pitchfork. Vi betræder en lyrisk, krøllet og mørkladen sti på vej dybt ind i en ny forestilling om folkemusikalitet. Træd nærmere.”

9 Musik og nationalisme Two views of nationalism: -As part of human nature. National identity from the people (Volk). The nation may take many form, but is in essence unchange. -A modern phenomenon. Come with the rise of modernity (print press, industrialisation etc.). Historical context for these views: - Cultural nationalism: German romanticism. Volksgeist (Herder) in arts and culture. The ethnic constitues the nation. - Political nationalism: American and French revolutions. Liberalist ideology, enlightenment. The citizen constitutes the nation. Renan (1882): “The nation is a daily referendum.”

10 Banal nationalism (Billig, 1995): -Nationalism all around us. -Not only extremism. -Symbols in everyday life. -National anthems. -Carl Nielsen on money. -Det Kgl. Danske Musikkonservatorium. Music and nationalism

11 Imagined communities (Anderson, 1982): -The nation is a product of modernity. -Imagined, because even in the smallest nation everybody will not know each personally, and still they feel as a part of the same community. -Nations are not an ”awakening” of the people. Nations are created, experienced, constructed, performed etc. ”But nationalism is not the awakening of an old, latent, dormant force, though that is how it does indeed present itself. It is in reality the consequence of a new form of social organization, based on deeply internalized, education-dependent high-cultures, each protected by its own state.” (Gellner 1983, s. 48)

12 Music and nationalism Invented traditions (Hobsbawn & Ranger 1982): Traditions are invented, created, transformed etc. -E.g. Christmas traditions. -National instruments. -Højskolesangbogen as a particular Danish tradition. ”’Invented tradtion’ is taken to mean a set of practices, normally governed by overtly or tacitly accepted rules and of a ritual or symbolic nature, which seek to inculcate certain values and norms of behaviour by repetion, which automatically implies continuity with the past.” (s. 1) ”Nation building” -Nations must be narrated. Nations and nationalism are a product of the kind of negotiaton.

13 I Danmark er jeg født Examples

14 Practical element 1. Go to Spotify, YouTube or similar service, find a piece of ”national music” (search ”Danmark” or ”Dansk”, or your own country). Choose a piece. - How is the country represented? - What kind of nation is constructed? - Which ”national” elements (lyrics, music etc.) can be found?

15 Husk! Næste gang: Emne/problemformulering til essay. Senere i dag: 17.00 på RMC.

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