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Welcome! To the Lakewood Elementary School Library Media Center.

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1 Welcome! To the Lakewood Elementary School Library Media Center

2 Library Rules (and there’s only 3 of them!) RULE 1 Show respect for others through your actions and your words.

3 Library Rules RULE 2 Show self-control when entering, exiting or walking within this room.

4 Library Rules RULE 3 Use an INSIDE voice at all times. Pay attention to the speaker and the lesson..

5 The Library Libraries across the country are arranged in a similar manner – Fiction in one area and Non- Fiction in another

6 The Fiction Section Fiction books include both the Everybody (picture books and beginner chapter books) and Fiction (FIC) books which includes longer picture books as well as more challenging chapter books

7 Everybody Section The everybody sections are located at the front of the library. These type of books have lots of pictures and fewer words. They are labeled E for Everybody followed by the first 3 initials of the authors last name.

8 The Non-Fiction Section Non-fiction books are those which share information or ideas They are arranged in numerical order according to the Dewey Decimal System Biographies, though shelved separately, are part of the Non-fiction section and have a B as the top line of the call number

9 Special Shelves Reference Section These books are for Library Use Only

10 Library Procedures Each time, when you visit the library, you will be returning materials (books and/or magazines) and checking them back in. Then you will put the books away If no one is here to check your books back in then put them in the in the book drop.

11 Destiny When you need to find a book on a specific topic – use the computer to help you. The computer program Destiny can show you exactly where a book is located. It also tells if a book is checked in or out

12 Library Procedures After dropping off your materials, you will have time to check out a different book for yourself. Please remember to use a shelf marker so that we can keep the books in order.

13 Thank you for being good role models to the younger students here at Lakewood.

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