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WCHS Job Shadow Program Step-by-Step Directions Fall 2007.

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1 WCHS Job Shadow Program Step-by-Step Directions Fall 2007

2 Wait for your placement! When your placement is e-mailed to me, I’ll make two copies, one for me and one for you. I’ll tape it to the board and put the date on the job shadow calendar. You’ll get an advanced make-up slip with your placement sheet that details where, when, clothes to wear, etc.

3 So you aren’t clueless…investigate!! Before you go on your shadow, there are 3 activities to complete and turn in: 1. Click for Business Information Form 2. Click for Fast Shadow Facts Sheet 3. Click for Job Shadow Video Clip Activity All are located at the job shadow link off of Mrs. Renner’s English 3 page.Business Information FormFast Shadow Facts SheetJob Shadow Video Clip Activity

4 On the day before your shadow Turn in your advanced make-up slip to Marilyn. Be sure you know where you’re going! Use Mapquest or call ahead if you’re unsure. Click to locate your interview questions! You must bring them along!interview questions Click to locate your employer evaluation form. You must take it along with you!employer evaluation

5 On the day of your shadow… Bring video and/or digital camera, interview questions, notebook and employer evaluation forms, and lunch $ with you on the shadow.interview questionsemployer evaluation Dress professionally (follow the Dress Code indicated on placement sheet) and be courteous.Dress Code Use a firm handshake when greeting the person you will shadow. Ask for permission to shoot video or take digital images. Take notes, collect company materials that will help you and ask for a business card from the person you shadow. Have your employee educator fill out your employer evaluation formemployer evaluation Thank the person and again use a firm handshake when leaving.

6 After your shadow… Write a thank you letter following the shadow. Follow this format. Turn in with a stamped addressed envelope.thank you letter Complete the Student Evaluation of the job shadow experience. Staple and turn in employer and student evaluations.Student Evaluation employer Type a brief (2 pg.) diary or journal in MLA format about your job shadow experience ASAP after your shadow as possible.

7 When do you do the job shadow assignments? When you’re done with other English assignments, when you have 5-10 free minutes at the end of class, or outside of class. When do you hand in the job shadow assignments? As soon as you complete them! Everyone will be doing this at different times. There will be no nagging by the teacher, so it’s up to YOU to get the work done and turned in!!!

8 What is the final project? Utilizing the digital video or images you captured on your job shadow, prepare a PowerPoint presentation or a movie using Windows Movie Maker on the career you shadowed. It should be 4-5 minutes in length. A PowerPoint should include at least 10 slides which should include graphics, transitions, animations, and a creative background (sound is optional). A Windows Movie should incorporate video, audio and images from the job shadow and must also include a list of sources consulted at the end of the movie. Sources are to be cited in MLA format utilizing a minimum of 5 sources.PowerPoint presentationWindows Movie Maker MLA

9 View past presentations National Guard Juvenile Probation Officer Dog Caretaker Missionary This presentation is a big part of your 1 st semester grade!!

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