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 By Ashley Stanziola  Dec 05  Richardson  1 st  Author Rudyard Kipling.

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2  By Ashley Stanziola  Dec 05  Richardson  1 st  Author Rudyard Kipling

3 Table of contents  Slide 1front cover  Slide 2 Table of Contents  Slides 3-14 Part one  Slides 15-16 Part Two  Slides 17-18 Part Three  Slides 19-20 Part Four  Slides 21-28 Part Five  Slides 29-30 Part Six  Slide 30 Extra credit

4 Shere Khan

5 Bandar-Log

6 Bagheera

7 Kaa

8 Baloo

9 Akela

10 Messua

11 Rama

12 Sahi

13 Buldeo

14 Biography of Kipling  On December 30, 1865 in Bombay, India, the famous English short-story writer, novelist and poet Rudyard Kipling was born. Kipling was the first Englishman to win the Nobel Prize for literature. You might know some of Kipling’s work and not know it like the two books The Jungle Book (1894) and the Just So Stories (1902) both children books yet both entertain adults too. Kipling’s father was an arts and crafts teacher at the Jeejeebhoy school of Art. His Mom’s brother in law was the painter Edward Burne-Jones. At age six Kipling left India to go 2 England where he was left at a foster home for five years. While he was there Kipling went threw horrible treatment, which he showed in one of his stories in the novel Light That Failed, and in his autobiography.   In 1878 Kipling desired to go to United Services College, a boarding school in North Devon. But since his poor eyesight, so his dream soon ended. After his eyesight let him down for United Services College Kipling went back to India in 1882 to work as a Journalist in Lahore and as an assistant editor. In this last two years of India all the stories he wrote he put in The Phantom Rickshaw.   A Rose, in tatters on the garden path, Cried out to God and murmured 'gainst His Wrath, Because a sudden wind at twilight's hush Had snapped her stem alone of all the bush.   When you hear this can you see it in your head this is part of the many poems that Kipling made. This part of the poem says so much and yet so little the works of a true author. As you read it u can see why Kipling won  The Nobel Prize for literature, Even though Kipling had somewhat of a good life with his writing he had some bad times in his real life out side the stories to make it an ok life. Kipling has went threw many experiences that most people cant go threw. First it was when he went 2 a foster home. I can’t even think of the stuff he went to. Then His son was killed in World War I.

15 Climate and landscape  In India the climate is different in different places. India has it cold in the north and warm in the south. In the summer of the south the temperature can reach a scorching 114 degrees. In the west it has less than 10 inches of rain a year but in the northeast it can receive an amazing 450 inches of rain a year. India has a total of 1,269,438 square miles that is shaped like a triangle. India has over 3,972 miles of coastline 

16 Titles  Mowgli’s brothers is the first chapter. The reason why it is called Mowgli’s brothers is because Bagheera and Bahloo are Mowgli’s brothers. What happened in this chapter the, wolfs find a little boy and named Mowgli. When Mowgli grows up his wolf pack betrays him and the leader. So Mowgli gets the red flower and bets Shere Khan with the red flower.   Kaa’s hunting is about Kaa saving Mowgli from the bander- log. He saves him by using his hunting skills. In this chapter Mowgli plays with the Bander-log because he is mad at Bahloo for hitting him. Then the Bander-log has this idea that if they Take Mowgli and make him king everyone will like them. So they kid nap while he is sleeping, so Bagheera and Bahloo get the one person they are afraid of that is Kaa. So they get Mowgli back and give him a spanking   Tiger Tiger is called Tiger Tiger because in this chapter Mowgli Kills Share Khan. In this chapter Mowgli goes to the man village. While, Share Khan rest and gets better. When Mowgli waits he tells his brother to stay on the rock till Share Khan gets back. Then when he does come back Mowgli give him a surprise and kills him. But the village hunter says that he is going 2 take the fault for Killing the tiger not Mowgli.   Letting in the Jungle is called that because Mowgli takes revenge on the village and makes the Elephants go out and starts a rumor and kills the crops but not the people. Thin this story Messua and her husband are being tortured for something they are not. This makes Mowgli mad. So he lets them free and makes a plain. The plain was what the elephants did when their dad got caught and broke free.

17 Cause and Effect   “Mowgli’s brothers”  1 because Mowgli looked in the, wolfs eyes they didn’t like him.  2Because akela Misses his kill they were going to kill him.   “Kaa’s hunting”  1Because Bahloo hit Mowgli he, played with the Bander-log.  2Because Kaa put them in a trace Bahloo and Bagheera wont trust him anymore.   “Tiger Tiger “  1 Because Mowgli had her son’s eyes, Messua thought he was hers.  2Because Akela attacked Buldea; he told the villagers that Mowgli was a witch. 

18 Interview  If I could ask Kipling three questions I would ask what made him think of this book or books. I would ask was some one you Bagheera and Bahloo. I would also ask why did u kill Shere Khan at the time when there were better times to kill him. The reason why I would ask these questions because the first to interested me because it seems like he always has something in his life to write a book or story about. the reason why I ask about Shere Khan is because there where times that I wanted Shere Khan to be killed right then but I didn’t really feel it was a time to kill him.

19 Map

20 Laws, of the Jungle.  1 Wash daily from nose-tip to tail-tip drink deeply but never 2 deep.   This law means to keep clean. This will help mankind because if every one is always dirty it will always stink and never smell good. This is also a good law because people won’t have 2 told their breath to talk to you. Also no one will make fun of people because they stink. That is why this will be a good law for man kind   2 Keep peace with the lords of the jungle, the tiger, the panther, and the bear and trouble not Hathi the silent, the mock not the bear in his lair.   This law means not 2 fight with the people that can take you and this means anywhere especially when it is in their house. This law is a good law because no one will get hurt. This is also a good law because people wont go up 2 some ones house and pick a fight with them. That is why it think this is a good law.   3 Ye may kill for you selves, and your mates, and your cubs as they need, and ye can; but not for pleasure of killing seven times never kill man.   This law means not to kill just because you want 2 but to kill when you or your family is hungry. This is a good law and should be used by man. This law should be used my man because man often kill things just for fun not when some one they love is hungry. This is also a good law because people should not eat people. That is why this is a good law.   4 If ye kill before midnight be silent, and wave not the woods with your bay lest ye frighten the deer from the crop, and you brothers go empty away.   This law means don’t go ahead of you self. Don’t make noise when every one else is sleeping or they’ll get made at you. This will make a good law for man. The reason why it will make a good law is because man likes 2 have company and if people don’t like them they get sad.   5 The kill of the wolf is the meet of the wolf. He may do what he will but, till he has given permission the pack may not eat of that kill.   This means what ever is yours is yours no one else’s unless you give it to them. They have no right to touch it unless you give them the right. This would be a good law for man. This would be good because people need to know that everything doesn’t be long to them. That is why it hink this would be a good law for man

21 Literary devices  In the Jungle Book Kipling used foreshadowing a lot. He used foreshadowing when mother wolf foreshadowed Mowgli to hunt Shere Khan when he grew up. In this foreshadow Kipling used the words (he shall live to run with the pack and to hunt with the pack; and in the end, look you, hunter of little naked cubs-frog-eater –fish killer –he shall hunt thee), and (O thou Mowgli-for Mowgli the frog I will call thee- the time will come when thou wilt hunt Shere Khan as he hunted thee). Kipling also used similes he used similes when he compared Bagheera (for he was as cunning as Tabaqui, as bold as the wild buffalo, and as reckless as the wounded elephant) and with Mowgli (would cling like a sloth).

22 Mowgli’s Brothers  If I could change anything in the jungle book it would be Mowgli’s Brothers. I would change the fact that Mowgli first was made then started to cry I think he should have had tears in his eyes when he was calling the wolf dogs and saying that he will leave. I think that he should of showed more pain when he was showing anger.

23 20 jungle words  Tabaqui- dish licker  Lungri- the lame one

24  Raksha-demon  Fawn – flatter  Sahi- porcupine

25  Red flower-fire  Mowgli- frog  Bagheera – the Black Panther

26  Share Khan –the big one  Hunting verse- word that let u hunt  Dawanee-the madness  Gidur-log- the jackal people

27  Akela- the great gray lone wolf  Bander-log-monkeys  Rama-the great herd bull

28  Poison people- Cobras  Dhak tree- a tree wit red and yellow flowers  Byre - Cow Barn

29  Hugas-water pipes  hot Foot - fast

30 My favorite character  My favorite character in the jungle book is Bagheera. Bagheera is my favorite character because Bagheera is pimp. Bagheera is brave. Bagheera is loving. Bagheera stuck up for Mowgli when no one else would. Bagheera helps Mowgli with everything that he needs help with. That is why Bagheera is my favorite character.

31 Do you Agree  The committee made a god decision giving Rudyard Kipling the Nobel Prize for Literature. They made a good decision because when you read Kipling’s writing you can see every little detail in you head. Most of the writing you read you can see some of what the author is trying to say but in Kipling’s writing it isn’t just sometimes it is all the time. I have read the Mowgli stories and not 1 have I not been able to see what he said in my head. It isn’t just with the Mowgli stories, but in his poems too.   We took our chanst among the Khyber 'ills, The Boers knocked us silly at a mile, The Burman give us Irriwaddy chills,   I don’t know about you but this part of the poem “Fuzzy-Wuzzy” I can see it all in my head even though it is a small part of the poem I can see it. That is why I think the committee made a good decision. Some times they do make mistake but this is one mistake that is for the best

32 Extra credit  Mowgli and Kaa went to the vault. Mowgli finds an ankus so he trades the ankus for two frogs to the cobra. Then while Mowgli is asleep a man takes it from him. So when Mowgli wakes up Bagheera tells Mowgli that a man took the ankus. So Bagheera and Mowgli look for the man by his footprints, and every time Mowgli and Bagheera get closer they see dead bodies. When Mowgli and Bagheera find the ankus there are dead bodies all around it.

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