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The stun gun (Taser) by Joshua Duryea & Brian Furey.

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1 The stun gun (Taser) by Joshua Duryea & Brian Furey

2 what’s it for a non-lethal way for police officers to subdue criminals self protection

3 pluses no long term effects less risky

4 hiding the taser camara cell phone umbrellas flashlights

5 hows it work dumps electrical energy into the victim momentary paralysis muscle spasms PAIN

6 shocking high volts low amps “doesn’t kill” 20,000-150,000 volts

7 electrodes electrodes are attached to wires electrodes are also attached to barbs

8 negatives one shot reload new gas tank

9 the gas tank the gas tank is what sends the electrodes towards the victim 15-20 feet pulling the trigger breaks open the gas chamber building pressure on the electrodes launching them out

10 charge? the stun gun usually takes a 9 volt battery this powers the circuit and has many transformers

11 transformers boost the voltage lower the amps oscillator creates a pulse or pattern

12 current / capacitor the electric current charges the capacitor the capacitor delivers the charge to the electrodes the electrodes deliver the shock

13 2 electrodes most stun guns have two pairs of electrodes outer “charge electrodes” inner “test electrodes”

14 outer pair Current can’t travel between the outer pair unless something comes between them

15 inner pair if the charge cant go between the outer pair it goes to the inner pair the inner pair is close enough that it can produce a crackling noise and spark the inner pair is used more as a warning

16 The camera Taser

17 Don’t try this at home


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