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The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus by Jane Gillette.

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1 The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus by Jane Gillette

2 Basic Facts Location: Capitoline Hill in Rome Size: about 55x60 meters Architecture: Hexastyle Time Period: Rebuilt four times between 509 BCE and the early 400's CE

3 Honored the Capitoline Triad: Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva A symbol of the Roman Republic Location of the first senate meeting of each year Generals made sacrifices at the temple after a victory Magistrates made vows and sacrifices Purpose

4 Built by Tarquinius Priscus and Tarquinius Superbus Dedicated September 509 Destroyed in a fire on July 6th, 83 BCE First Building 509 BCE-83 BCE umRome.jpg

5 Second Building 69 BCE-69 CE Rebuilt by Q. Lutatius Catulus as assigned by Sulla Dedicated in 69 BCE Destroyed when the Vitellians burned it in 69 CE uring_time_of_republic.jpg

6 Third Building 75 CE-80 CE Rebuilt by the Emperor Vespasian Dedicated in 75 CE Destroyed in a fire in 80 CE

7 Fourth Building 82 CE-early 400's CE Rebuilt by Domitian Dedicated in 82 CE Destroyed over time, throughout the 400's http://doc-14-8g- 31eote4ben7ngk/eedlpc56fbf1ssvvqchfbq7dd13hhh1r/1378728000000/lt/*/2075e 37cabc3f87a6626df250d84698?ts=1369094034000&ctyp=other

8 Today The foundation of the temple can still be seen today. +Capitoline+-+Foundations+of+Temple+of+Jupiter+Optimus+Maximus+Compressed.JPG

9 Bibliography eer/Places/Europe/Italy/Lazio/Roma/Rome/_Te xts/PLATOP*/Aedes_Jovis_Capitolini.html optimus-maximus/

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