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Stewardson-Strasburg CUSD #5A A Rookie’s View to the First 60 Days of Becoming a New PBIS District.

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1 Stewardson-Strasburg CUSD #5A A Rookie’s View to the First 60 Days of Becoming a New PBIS District

2 Planning and Training Late March, 2009  ROE #11 and EIASE Training  External Coach  Internal Coach  Building Level Teams  Choosing Team Members – VERY IMPORTANT!





7 Completed Readiness Survey  On April 28, 2009 we were 12% Fully Implemented and 53% Partially Implemented, and 35% Not Implemented  On September 9 th, 2009 we were 82% Fully Implemented and 18% Partially Implemented.

8 Margaret White Attended our GS and HS Faculty Meetings in April Faculty Buy-In is a MUST!

9 Next Steps  Created an Action Plan  Devised Celebrations and Incentives  Chose a Parent and Student Representative for the HS PBIS Team  Designed a PBIS Website  eb%20Sites/PBIS/default.html eb%20Sites/PBIS/default.html eb%20Sites/PBIS/default.html

10 Summer Planning GS  Cool Tools were developed  Made expectation signs for each area  Ordered school expectation banners  Plans were made for Kick-off teaching and modeling

11 sit facing forwards stay in your seat keep the aisle clear use quiet voices Keep hands and feet to yourself listen to the bus driver be responsible for your belongings use kind words be at the bus stop on time be responsible for your actions

12 walk at all times walk on the right side (green means “go”) walk in a single file line Keep hands and objects to yourself silent hold belongings appropriately standing ready with your hands to your sides

13 use walking feet walk carefully with trays use quiet voices use good table manners listen to lunch supervisors look at cooks and speak clearly leave no trace of evidence

14 use materials for the intended purpose listen to others when they are talking take care of the learning environment be ready for learning display on task behavior bring all materials to class complete all assignments on time

15 use equipment for its intended purpose stay within the playground boundaries take turns and share equipment use polite language invite others to play play by the rules line up when the signal is given dress appropriately for the weather

16 Summer Planning HS  Picked 3 target areas to start the year  Being Tardy  Dress Code  Being Prepared  Made expectation signs for each area  Made displays for PBIS Room at Registration  A team member was present at all times during registration to talk to kids and parents




20 Kick-Off  ODR’s were explained to faculty first day  HS faculty made skits to be a part of the first day assembly to teach expectations  GS expectation sessions were scheduled and a display was made for open house  Celebrations and incentive were explained to students so they knew what they were striving for

21 Stew-Stras Currency  COMET CASH!  STAR BUCKS!

22 PBIS Celebrations-HS  Students are responsible for keeping track of their own Comet Cash!  5 bills earn you a free soda at lunch or something from the Galaxy Grab Bag  10 bills allow you to attend the end of semester ice cream party!

23 PBIS Monthly Celebrations  Drawings from classroom bucket or box  2 $10 winners  Parking Spot  Wall of Fame  2 Comet Cash for Perfect Att.  2 Comet Cash for No ODR’s

24 PBIS Quarterly Celebrations - HS  1 st Quarter – Student Sports Pass  2 nd Quarter – Wal-Mart Gift Card  3 rd Quarter – Fast Food Gift Card  4 th Quarter – Movie Gift Card

25 PBIS Quarterly Celebrations - HS  For perfect attendance, with no tardies, and no discipline referrals the students once again get to go to lunch 5 minutes early for 1 week each quarter!

26 PBIS Quarterly Celebrations - HS  A faculty member is also drawn out each month and receives a gift from the principal

27 GS Celebrations  “Star”bucks are awarded to students who display positive behaviors. Each rewarded student has an opportunity to then be named as a Star Award Winner.  Star Awards (weekly awards) are given to randomly chosen “Star”buck recipients. One winner is selected from PK-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grade, & 7-8th Grade. Award winners have their picture posed on the bulletin board outside of the Grade School Office and receive a valuable prize.

28 GS Celebrations  Monthly winners are drawn on the last day of the month. All “Star”bucks will be turned in to the office and the classrooms with the highest percentage of “Star”bucks students are announced. The winning classrooms receive the following prizes every week until new winners are announced:  PK-3rd Grade – Picture posted outside of the classroom & a weekly class treat (Ex. September – Caramel Apples)  4th-6th Grade – Weekly Class Treat  7th & 8th Grade – Sent to lunch early with a 10 minute recess 1 day a week.  Faculty Winners – A faculty winner is also selected monthly.


30 Phase I of Implementation  Purchased SWIS Software  PBIS teams meet monthly  All was very quiet at the beginning, then the honeymoon was over…  Re-teaching of expectations is needed  IDM class creating videos  Sharing of data is very important

31 High School DATA

32 Measurable Differences  Comparisons from the first 32 days of school in 2008 to the first 32 days of school in 2009  Tardies down 44%  Detentions down 44%  In-school suspensions down 25%

33 Phase II of Implementation  We are definitely in the “Now we are started, what next?” phase  Close to being ready for Tier II Training

34 Our Web Site

35 Website Address  0Web%20Sites/PBIS/default.html 0Web%20Sites/PBIS/default.html 0Web%20Sites/PBIS/default.html  Documents  Resources  Links  FAQ

36 Questions?

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