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By: Pam Munoz Ryan PowerPoint By: Bobbi-Jo

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1 By: Pam Munoz Ryan PowerPoint By: Bobbi-Jo
Riding Freedom By: Pam Munoz Ryan PowerPoint By: Bobbi-Jo

2 Main Characters

3 Story Elements Setting Rhode Island California In the 1800’s Plot
Charlotte becomes an orphan She buy’s her own ranch She die’s on her last run.

4 Conflicts Her parents died.
She is treated unfairly at the orphanage and decides to run away. Also because she can’t see Hayward, Vern, and Freedom anymore. A horse kicks her in the eye and she can only see thru one eye.

5 Charlotte & Vern Same They both love horses. Different
They both run away from somewhere. They both never knew there parents. Different Vern is a African American Vern is older Vern is a boy Vern works at the stables at the orphanage.

6 Favorite Scene My favorite scene is where “Charley” is driving the stagecoach and Mr.Millshark gets “Charley” to let him ride in the front so she goes thru a huge mud hole and tricks Mr.Millshark to take off his boots and get down in the mud and she steals his boots. Then when she gets back to the place were she started she gives them to Mr.Ebnezer!

7 Facts & Opinions Facts Charley is really Charlotte and only Hayward knew! Charlotte didn't really have any parents when she said she did! Charlotte did know where Mr.Millshark’s boot’s were! Opinion Mr. Ebenezer treated “Charley” like his son! Charlotte and Hayward were like brother and sister! Charlotte is a very strong & thoughtful person!

8 Book Recommendation I think that everyone should read this book and if you can’t read then you should get your parents to read it to you. Everyone will like it and if you want a really good book to read then you should read it because you actually feel like your there and it’s a really good felling. It will just blow your mind away. If it was a nominee for the children’s book award it would win. Try it, I promise you will love it!

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