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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Ben Crimmins

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1 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Ben Crimmins

2 Early Years M.L.K was born on January 15,1929.
His father(Michael Luther King, Sr was a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Alberta King(Martins Mom) Loved to sit in church and listen to her husbands powerful words. He had a older sister named Christene king. As you might, know Martin was a limited kid. Martins name at birth was Michael king, Jr, after his father. But they changed there name to Martin Luther king, Jr. and Sr. when martin was only 5 years old. Martin was the second oldest child in his family. He also had a younger brother named A.D. The young man martin was usually called M.L. One of Martins Grandfathers ,A.D Williams, Also had been pastor at Martin fathes Church.

3 Middle Years Martin graduated from high school at fifteen years of age. Martin skipped two grades. He went to Morehouse College. Martin Graduated from College and received his degree in 1948. He became a minister like his dad in 1949. M.L.K was arrested several times while protesting against injustice and Discrimination. From Birmingham Alabama, he wrote “Injustice anywhere is a threat everywhere.” M.L.K organized a boycott of the Montgomery bus system in 1955.

4 Later Years 1975-death 1955,martin created the boy cott.
In the civil rights movement. Martin went to Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University for Advanced Studies. Pastor Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1954. He actively began his civil rights crusade.

5 Important Facts Martin Luther king won the Nobel Peace award.
Kings mother was a teacher. King had a doctor’s degree in theology in 1955. In 1953 M.L.K got married to Coretta Scott. Martin was shot while opening his front door.

6 Sources Title: Martin Luther King Jr. DK publishing Inc.2004
Title: Famous Black Americans. Author: Dr. John T King and Marcet H. King.1995 words-martin-luther-king-jr-part-1-2

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