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U. S. Constitution Return to Mr. Welbig's Webpage.

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1 U. S. Constitution Return to Mr. Welbig's Webpage

2 3 Parts: Preamble(Intro & Goals) Articles(7) Amendments(27)

3 Preamble (Lists the Goals of our Government) Form a more Perfect Union Establish Justice Insure Domestic Tranquility Provide for the Common Defense Promote the General Welfare Secure the Blessings of Liberty

4 Articles (7) (Describe our Government’s Plan) Article 1: Legislative Branch Article 2: Executive Branch Article 3: Judicial Branch Article 4: Relations Among the States Article 5: The Amending Process Article 6: National Supremacy Article 7: Ratification of the Constitution

5 Legislative Branch (Article 1) Congress - House of Reps - Senate Makes the Laws

6 Executive Branch (Article 2) President Enforces the Laws

7 (Article 3) Judicial Branch Courts Interprets/Applies the Laws

8 Amendments (27) (Additions to our Constitution) Bill of Rights: 1 st Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, Assembly 2 nd Right to Bear Arms 3 rd Quartering of Troops 4 th Search & Seizure 5 th Freedom of Life, Liberty & Property 6 th Right to Speedy, Public Trial

9 Amendments... Bill of Rights (Continued) 7 th Right to Trial by Jury 8 th Bail & Punishment 9 th All Other Rights 10 th Powers Reserved to the States

10 amendments (Continued) #11 – #27To be Covered Individually

11 Principles of Constitution: 1. Popular Sovereignty – the authority of the people. 2. Limited Government – powers of the gov’t are limited. 3. Federalism – power is shared between the Federal gov’t & State gov’t. 3 Types of Powers: 1.Enumerated Powers (def. & ex.) 2.Reserved Powers (def. & ex.) 3.Concurrent Powers (def & ex.) 4. Separation of Powers Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch Checks & Balances – (def. & ex.)

12 ProposalRatify Bill of RightsWrit Bill of AttainderLibel Search WarrantArrest Warrant Grand JuryDouble Jeopardy Due ProcessBail Miscellaneous Terms & Ideas

13 Grading criteria You will be graded on the following... Bill of Rights Poetry Amendment Presentation Checks & Balances Checklist




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