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J. Castañeda is an overall Community and Student Engagement

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1 J. Castañeda is an overall Community and Student Engagement
BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement* J. Castañeda is an overall Exemplary Campus under House Bill 5 Community and Student Engagement * House Bill 5, Section 46; Texas Education Code Section

2 Fine Arts Program rated Exemplary
Fine Arts at Castañeda Elementary includes choir, art, music, dance and theater/drama. Our students compete in UIL Art and Music Memory and various district and community art contests. They also perform in plays, musicals and dance shows throughout the year for our parents and community. J. Castañeda Elementary

3 Wellness and Physical Education Programs rated Exemplary
Castañeda Elementary promotes Wellness and Physical Education by participating in various activities such as Brownsville’s annual The Challenge and community runs and walks. The students compete in various sports tournaments such as soccer and the NFL Flag Football (Division Winners). J. Castañeda Elementary

4 Community and Parental Involvement rated Recognized
Castañeda Parent Meetings and the 21st Century Family Engagement meetings give our families useful information on strategies for academics, nutrition and social behaviors. Parents are also given information on academic tutorials and the importance of participation. Castañeda is a hosting school to the HEB Read 3 Community Program. The school participates in community service projects such as United Way, A Mile of Hope, and Hope for Alzheimer’s. HEB Read 3 J. Castañeda Elementary

5 21st Century Workforce Development rated Exemplary
Promoting college and career awareness at Castañeda Elementary is an important element in producing college ready students. The 21st Century Cycle 7 program has our students (PK-5th grades) researching and learning about different careers. Care Partners are members of the community who adopt and mentor classes throughout the school year. Our annual Career Day was a success with more than twenty presenters participating. J. Castañeda Elementary

6 Second Language Acquisition Program Recognized
Hispanic Heritage Month Bilingual Kinder Class Second Language Acquisition Program Recognized Chinese New Year Language and cultural diversity is celebrated at Castañeda by immersing students in different activities. For example, they learn about cultures and customs from around the world, they perform in plays for Hispanic Heritage Month and dance at our annual Fiesta de Baile. For instructional support, our ELL students receive small group research based direct instruction. Teachers use technology to enhance and enrich their learning. Charro’s Day Bilingual Kinder Students J. Castañeda Elementary

7 Digital Learning Environment rated Recognized
Students at Castañeda attend technology classes once a week. They utilize the Living With Science Lab for hands on science resources linked to computer aided instruction. Teachers and students use Kindles and Nooks provided by the 21st Century Program. This allows students to read novels, work on the Think Through Math program and to research and present on various topics. J. Castañeda Elementary

8 Dropout Prevention Strategies rated Exemplary
Dropout prevention strategies at Castañeda Elementary include parent meetings, college and career readiness activities, and attendance incentives. School support programs such as academic tutorials and the 21st Century Program are a driving force in dropout prevention. J. Castañeda Elementary

9 Gifted and Talented Program rated Recognized
Gifted and Talented students at Castañeda Elementary showcased their talents in various events. They participated in Brainsville, Chess, Science Fair, UIL, Spelling Bee, Honor Choir and art contests. J. Castañeda Elementary

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