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What is a dictionary?.

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1 What is a dictionary?

2 A dictionary is a book of words listed alphabetically
A dictionary is a book of words listed alphabetically. The words listed in a dictionary are called entries and are printed in dark black print.

3 For each entry or word the dictionary gives you the spelling, meaning, pronunciation, and how the word is used in a sentence. Sometimes the dictionary will have pictures to help describe unfamiliar words.

4 Words often have more than one meaning
Words often have more than one meaning. For example, mouse refers to a small animal and to a computer device that looks like the animal. The dictionary lists the most important definitions, giving each one a number.

5 Example: Mouse (‘maus) noun 1. any of numerous small rodents with pointed snout, rather small ears, and a slender usually nearly hairless tail 2. a small hand-operated device used for computer input (as to control cursor movement on the display screen) 3. a person without spirit or courage

6 We use a dictionary to ……..
find the meanings of words. find out the correct spelling of words. find out how to pronounce or say words. find out what part of speech a word is.

7 A dictionary is divided into three parts. A beginning, middle and end.
Beginning of dictionary is letters A - H Middle of dictionary is letters G - L End of dictionary is letters M - Z

8 There is an easy way to look for words in a dictionary by using

9 What are guide words ? Guide words are found at the top of each page in a dictionary. These words are helpful because they tell you the first and last entry words on a page. The guide word on the left is the first entry word on the page and the guide word on the right is the last entry word on the page. They help you find the words you are looking for.




13 Dictionary activity Look at the entry words under each pair of guide words. Circle the word in each group that goes with the guide words above.

14 dangle drop damp deep drawn

15 thirsty today toad toddle thirst

16 mess model medal mule mock

17 sheep slept short slurp sang



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