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My homeland Bulgaria.

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1 My homeland Bulgaria

2 Landmarks in Bulgaria First landmark- Baikusheva Mura
Second landmark- Seven Lakes Third landmark- Tzarevetz Fourth landmark-Melnishki piramidi Fifth landmark- Baba Vida Castle

3 Baikushevata Mura White fir is an important representative of the species of black pines . It is named after Konstantin Baykushev forester, who discovered and described the specimen in Located in the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria 1930 m altitude.

4 It is more than 1300 years old, the oldest tree in the state and one of the oldest trees in the world. Its approximate dimensions are: height 26 m, diameter 2.48 m and 7.80 m circumference.

5 Seven Lakes and are located between 2100 and 2500 meters height.
Seven Lakes is a group of lakes of glacial origin located in the Rila mountain. It is the most visited by tourists group of lakes in Bulgaria, part of a hundred tourist sites. The lakes are in northwestern Rila and are located between 2100 and 2500 meters height.

6 Tzarevets Tsarevets is a hill in the center of Veliko Tarnovo. It was the main Bulgarian fortress during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom ( ), when Tarnovo was the capital of the state. In the Middle Ages, the hill was entirely built with residential and commercial buildings.

7 Melnishki piramidi Melnik Pyramids are rock formations, which are among the most visited by tourists rock pyramids on the territory of Bulgaria. Located in the foothills of the southwestern part of the Pirin Mountains in the vicinity of Melnik.

8 Baba Vida fortress Baba Vida is the name of Bulgarian fortress. The fortress is situated on the riverside of the Danube at Vidin. It is the main tourist attraction. The construction of the actual fortress began in the 10th century, and before that the site was a Roman observation post.

9 My birthplace-popovo

10 History Popovo is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Targovishte Province. It is the administrative centre of the Popovo Municipality. The town was first mentioned in an Ottoman tax register from 1555. Popovo also is called The White Town and has a lot of beautiful sights!

11 History of Popovo According to an old legend Popovo was founded by a priest, who settled with his family near the creek, on a meadow, surrounded on all sides by ancient forests. With hard work, weeding the forest, he created levels after levels. An early snow fall in the area found the small Turkish military unit, which had to hibernate in the properties of the Pop. In spring he went to Constantinople and the sultan allowed him to found his oun village.In 1524 the village is known as the village Evrenos and later Popkyoy.

12 This is a pedestrian zone.It was made last year.
There are gardens with flowers and benches.

13 This is our community center. It was corrected and painted
This is our community center. It was corrected and painted.There is a library and stage for performances.

14 This is the urban garden.
Last year it was renovated with money from the City Hall.

15 This is the reservoir "Kavatsite
This is the reservoir "Kavatsite.“ It is a place for recreation and fishing. It’s in the outskirts of the town.

16 Our school Name: Luben Karavelov Founded :1997
Director : Marina Dimitrova Assistant director:Evgeni Ivanov Teachers : 43 Pupils : over 450

17 The day of the school 7th November
The patron of our school is Luben Karavelov. He is a famous Bulgarian writer and fighter for freedom. His words are: ” l love you my dear homeland . ’’ He wrote the text of the hymn of our school: ” My beautiful forest.”

18 Our classrooms are comfortable and cozy
Our classrooms are comfortable and cozy.There are computers in each room, a computer lab , a gym and a cafeteria . Our school has a school newspaper. The club in journalism makes it. It describes events at school. There are many other clubs- in History, Maths, Art , Music. And our English club- “Europe stars”

19 The greatest experience-
our performance “The Little Mermaid”!

20 Hard learning days ;)

21 Let’s have some fun!

22 We love making projects and.. who’s better – Google or we?! 

23 MADE BY Europe stars: Sofiya Stefanova Daliya Raicheva
Svetlana Ivanova Mariana Jekova 2013

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