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By: Harry Mazer Profiles of Characters and How things Change.

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1 By: Harry Mazer Profiles of Characters and How things Change

2 Profiles

3 Adam SSon of Mrs. & Lt. Emory J. Pelko AA normal teen boy FFather works as a lieutenant for the navy AAttends a public school in Hawaii HHas a 5 year old sister named Bea

4 Mom (a.k.a. Adam’s mom)  Wife of Lieutenant J. Pelko  Maintains home in Punchbowl  Mother of Adam and Bea  Depressed after death of husband

5 Lieutenant Pelko (a.k.a. Adam’s dad)  Served as a naval lieutenant  Has 1 son named Adam, and 1 daughter named Bea  Died as a hero on December 7, 1941

6 This is the area where Adam lived…

7 Davi  Adam and Martin’s friend  of Japanese ancestry  With Adam during the bombing

8 Martin  Adam and Davi’s friend  of Hawaiian ancestry  with Adam during the bombing

9 Things changed on December 7, 1941

10 The fishing trip… Adam was trying to steer the fishing boat. Suddenly, they saw what seemed like a scene from a movie. Seconds later, Adam witnessed the sinking of his father’s ship. That was the last Adam saw of his father.

11 Just before 8:00 on the morning of December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked and bombed by the Japanese …

12 This is the route the Japanese made.

13 This was Pearl Harbor on the day of the attack…

14 And look at it now…

15 During the bombing, thousands of people died. Many families were heart-broken. Still today, many heroes lie at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.

16 We’ll Remember You…

17 Today, Japanese and Americans are friends.

18 In memory of all the courageous individuals who served our country. dedicated to Harry Mazer for his historical memory of Hawaii

19 We would like to thank our parents… and special thanks to Mr. Fallon Mrs. Koo Mrs. Saito Mrs. Skudlarik by Taylor & Arianne Maryknoll School, Grade 5 Music by Apple Freeplay

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