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School Performance Dashboard Quarter 1, SY 2012-2013 Principal: Pat Anbe Lanakila Elementary School.

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1 School Performance Dashboard Quarter 1, SY 2012-2013 Principal: Pat Anbe Lanakila Elementary School

2  Vision: “Lifelong Learning…Together we can make a difference!” 2 Accountability Mission: “ Through standards-based education, family, school and community members of Lanakila School will work together toward the development of each child to his/her optimal potential. All students will become literate, responsible, contributing, self-fulfilled members with personal, social, and economic competencies in our democratic society.”

3 3 Accountability Accountability Resource Center

4 4 SY 09-10SY 10-11SY 11-12% Change from last year Enrollment40340944940 (9.8%) Students Receiving Free/Reduced-cost lunch 275 (68.2%)285 (69.7%)318 (70.8%)33 (11.6%) Students in Special Education programs 31 (7.7%)24 (5.9%)25 (5.6%)1 (4.2%) Students with limited English proficiency 129 (32.0%)111 (27.1%)108 (24.1%)-3 (-2.7%) Retrieved(SSIR 2010, Retrieved 11/22/10) (LDS, Retrieved 12/14/10) (LDS, Retrieved 9/2011) % change = [(SY11- 12) –(SY10-11)] / (SY10-11) D Demographic Data School Accountability Trend Report

5 5 A Achievement Data

6 6 Students in grades 3-5 continue to perform well above state benchmarks with 82% proficient in reading and 86% proficient in math. We attribute this to the successful implementation of a SPED/ELL inclusion program, the increased use of technology in the classroom with mobile labs and Promethean boards, the ongoing interventions provided for struggling learners in reading and math and an increase of instruction in non-fiction writing across content areas. A Achievement Data

7 7 A

8 8 Achievement Data A Although the Disadvantaged subgroup continues to perform above state benchmarks, the ELL and SPED population at Lanakaila Elementary continues to struggle in reading and math. Currently there is a 28% gap in reading and a 27% gap in math between the ELL students and all students. The SPED population has made no growth with 0% of 25 students at proficiency. Lanakila will continue to implement an inclusion model so SPED resource students and ELL students may be exposed to their grade appropriate benchmarks. We will also use the Data Teams process to identify struggling learners and target instructional strategies to be used with this population of students. Lanakila will also conitnue to provide these students with daily interventions (before, during and after school) and implement non-fiction writing across the content area.

9 9 ARCH >Proficiency> Data Grid>By Subgroup & Year A Achievement Data Accountability Resource Center

10 In the 2008-2009 school year, Lanakaila students took a 10% dip in math proficiency. Teachers were teaching harder and getting negative results. After an analysis of the math data and program, it was determined that the current math program did not address all grade appropriate benchmarks. Therefore, teachers re-analyzed the program, identified the gaps and provided supplemental lessons to address those gaps. In 2011, we reached 86% proficiency in math. The lesson we learned was that fidelity to a program does not mean it covers all the benchmarks. 10 A Achievement Data Accountability Resource Center 2011-122010-11 2009-10

11 11

12  SY 2010-2011: 97.3%  (LDS, 10/2011)  SY 2009-2010: 96.1%  SY 2008-2009: 95.4%  SY 2007-2008: 95.4%  (Trend Report, Retrieved 04/19/11)  State Benchmark: 95% 12 LDS – Longitudinal Data System ttendance

13 13 NCLB Report – No Child Left Behind

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