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*Please fill out meeting pre-assessment survey May 16, 2008 Hawaii Department of Education Advanced Technology Research Branch Welcome! to the Computer.

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1 *Please fill out meeting pre-assessment survey May 16, 2008 Hawaii Department of Education Advanced Technology Research Branch Welcome! to the Computer Literacy Certification Program 2007-2008 Year End Meeting Teaching technology skills to last a lifetime

2 Introduction How many of you… …have been with us 1 year / 2 years / etc. ? …are from Hawaii / Maui / Kauai/ Oahu? …are from a small / medium / large school? …are CLC teachers / Tech Coordinators / both

3 Desired Outcomes To create a CLC program year-end assessment and evaluation. To understand and anticipate the major program changes for SY 2008-2009. To demonstrate a high level understanding of the new curriculum resource. To demonstrate a clear understanding of the program objectives by completing an updated “draft” Implementation Plan for SY2008-2009 using an Innovation Configuration Map and Key Performance Indicators

4 Overall Target Goal for SY 2007-2008 To provide all 8th graders an opportunity to learn and demonstrate their computer literacy skills and knowledge in the use of the Internet and Internet tools as well as basic productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and common program functions

5 CLC Program Measures of Effectiveness What Were We Aiming For? Key Program Data Points –100% of 8th grade student participation –100% of 8th grade students tested –100% of 8th grade student passing the certification exams

6 Student Participation Data Results 60% Increase!

7 Exam Testing Data Results 68% 42% 60% 46%!!! 11% of students tested!

8 NCLB Survey Data Results 10 Schools 900 Students Low 36% (Hardware / Software) High 84% (Internet Searching) In general Internet = okay Anything else = ?

9 CLC Leaders Teacher/SchoolTrainedExamsPass rate / Students Charlene Sugimoto Kalama 140KA 50 / 53 Students 53 94% / 38% Dale Akita Kahuku137KA 54 / 69 Students 58 78% / 42% Christy Hirae Paauilo13 KA 12 / 23 LO 7 / 20 Students 13 KA 52% / 92% LO 35% / 53%

10 Best Practices Recap, Share and Discuss some of the best practices from our leading CLC schools as well as what has worked successfully this past year for your program

11 Data Gathering Process Participation – Exam – NCLB –”school name” Year End Evaluation and Assessment Complete by 10:15 a.m.

12 Break until 10:30 a.m.

13 Program Changes for SY 08-09 Certiport Contract Extension –Ends June 30, 2008 New InfoSource Curriculum –Starts July 1, 2008 –Online curriculum resource only IC3 NETSS –No Certiport certification exams/vouchers New Program Name –Technology Literacy Program

14 Program Changes for SY 08-09 “Transition Year” –IC3 1st Semester/1st & 2nd Quarters Skills-based Focus –NETSS 2nd Semester/3rd & 4th Quarters Applied Knowledge-based Focus

15 Program Changes for SY 08-09 “Transition Year” –Alternative Curriculum System* Hawaii Virtual Learning Network Project *Backup curriculum system for SY 2009-2010 On-going parallel development

16 Program Overview & Objectives “Staying The Course” –NCLB’s goal to assist every student in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade, regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability.

17 Program Overview & Objectives “Staying The Course” –Hawaii’s Act 309 “…to prepare Hawaii’s public school students to earn a place in the global, electronic marketplace to the future by: Requiring all pupils to be progressively competent in the use of computer technology.”

18 Program Overview “Staying The Course” –General Learner Outcomes (GLO’s) Self-Directed Learner Community Contributor Complex Think Quality Producer Effective Communicator Effective and Ethical Users of Technology

19 Program Overview & Objectives “Staying The Course” –Vision Of A High School Graduate Realize their individual goals and aspirations Possess the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to contribute positively and compete in a global society Exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and Pursue post-secondary education and/or careers without the need for remediation

20 Program Overview & Objectives Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) –Number of Student Participation –Number of Students Who Achieve Mastery/Competency On The Post- Assessment. Target Goals –100% Student Participation –100% Student Mastery/Competency On The Post- Assessment

21 InfoSource Lance Kimball Charlie Mel

22 Working Lunch Until 1:00p.m. Networking InfoSource Hands-On time Upcoming Events and reminders New School Year Meeting Memo - Draft

23 Implementation Strategy Introduction to Shirley Hord’s Strategies for Successful Implementation –Creating an atmosphere and context for change –Developing and communicating a shared vision –Planning and providing resources –Investing in professional development –Checking progress –Continuing to give assistance

24 Implementation Strategy “Universal” Program Model Flowchart –IC3 –NETSS

25 Implementation Strategy Instructor Training/Professional Development –August 2008 - New School Year Workshop –Project Inspire

26 Implementation Strategy Support Resources –Technology Literacy Website - current CLC site to be updated –InfoSource Tech Support - Online and Phone

27 Implementation Plan Your Plan –Innovation Configuration (IC) Map –Implementation Timeline Checking Progress –Key Performance Indicator Log Best Practices –IC3 Use current list –NETSS To be developed

28 Break until 2:00 p.m.

29 School Implementation Plan for 2008-2009 Complete by 2:45 p.m.

30 Wrap-Up Questions & Answers Evaluation & Closing

31 Thank you, For all your hard work!

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