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Department of Administrative Services September 24, 2003.

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1 Department of Administrative Services September 24, 2003

2 Why We’re Here Mission Statement: DAS provides policy leadership, strategies and services that help our customers get their jobs done "Better, Cheaper, Quicker."

3 “Interesting Times” Transformations Fresh starts at CT HR The Bigger HR Community Martin’s Faulty Predictions Is there a World for HR Metrics? Where We Need To Go



6 Metric Themes 1.Pride in Quality Public Service 2.Dynamic Leadership 3.Learning Organization 4.Motivating and Flexible Work Environment 5.Satisfied Workforce 6.Capable Workforce 7.Productive Workforce 8.Recruiting and Retention 9.Diversity ic_Planning/HR_Metrics.pdf

7 The Here and Now

8 Organizational Changes: Merge Strategic Services and Human Resources Merge most statewide HR services Strategic Services HR Learning Center Human Resources Management Staffing (Testing, Recruitment and ADA) Agency Liaison Services Classification and Job Evaluation Re-employment, Certification and Grievances

9 The Here and Now Ongoing HR Initiatives: SCOPE Re-employment Occupational Shortages and Challenges Liaison Services to Include Organizational Analyses and Strategic Planning

10 The Here and Now New HR Initiatives: Managerial Generics New Assessment (Testing) System Face-lift for the DAS HR Internet Pages New On-line Manuals Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Effective Interviewing HR Strategic Planning Tools HR Symposium

11 Panel Discussion "HR has begun to split into two parts: one half consists of administrative/transactional work which is becoming more automated and routine. The second half consists of transformational work in which HR develops organizational goals, determines what capabilities are needed to meet those goals and then creates HR practices that make those capabilities come to life". David Ulrich Workforce Magazine January, 2003

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