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Ethnic Self-Portraits Drawing Assignment Prismacolors/paper.

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1 Ethnic Self-Portraits Drawing Assignment Prismacolors/paper

2 Ethnic Self-Portrait Project Depict yourself as a member of a different ethnic group other than your own. Work from a digital portrait of yourself. Bring this on Monday. Add features such as clothing, piercings, tattoos, body adornments, headpieces, hairstyles, etc...that are distinctive of your ethnic group. Add landscape in background that depicts that ethnic origin. NOTE: This lesson is not meant to be offensive or politically incorrect. The focus is to learn about and draw different cultures. This is a fun and educational assignment where students can portray themselves in different ethnic groups, other than their own.

3 African

4 Japanese

5 Hispanic

6 Swedes

7 Aborigines

8 Student Examples




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