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Slapped HW.

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1 Slapped HW

2 Q1 When a horse pulls on a cart attached it , the cart pulls on the horse with an equal but opposite force. How is the horse able to pull the cart?

3 Q2 The bowling ball accelerates from the time it is picked up to the time you release it. Yet the force it applies to you is always equal and opposite to the force you apply to it. How can it accelerate?

4 Q3 List 5 different action-reaction pairs you witness in the next 24 hours, filling out the following table. In order columns, indicate the order of force creation (1st, 2nd, same time) Description of action force Direction Order Description of reaction force

5 Q4 A pencil tip pushes down on a piece of paper. What is its the reaction force?

6 Q5 The Earth pulls down on you with the force of gravitational attraction of Earth on you. What is its reaction force?

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