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Felix Gonzalez- Torres (1957-1996). Group Material.

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1 Felix Gonzalez- Torres ( )


3 Group Material

4 Untitled; Sheridan Square, New York

5 Untitled (Perfect Lovers)

6 Untitled (Alice B. Tolkas and Gertrued Steins Grave)


8 Untitled (Portrait of Marcel Brient)

9 Untitled (Portrait of Dad) Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) white mints Fruit Flashers

10 Its very hot. very sexy Untitled (A Corner of Baci)


12 Untitled (Madrid 1971) Untitled Untitled (Me and My sister) Jigsaw Puzzle

13 Untitled (Klaus Barbie as a Family Man) Untitled (Waldheim to the Pope) Privacy? Publicity?

14 Untitled (Veterans Day Sale) and Untitled (Memorial Day Weekend) Paper Stack


16 Untitled (Death by Gun)

17 Untitled (NRA)

18 Untitled (Portrait of the Wongs)

19 Untitled (Arena) Untitled (Miami) Light-bulbs


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