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{ Templum of Palatine Apollo Gabie Kloha 20Hexastyle%20Temple%20Dedicated%20by%20Caligula%20%20Th.

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Presentation on theme: "{ Templum of Palatine Apollo Gabie Kloha 20Hexastyle%20Temple%20Dedicated%20by%20Caligula%20%20Th."— Presentation transcript:

1 { Templum of Palatine Apollo Gabie Kloha 20Hexastyle%20Temple%20Dedicated%20by%20Caligula%20%20Th e%20Temple%20of%20Concord%20%20Joe%20Geranio

2  Built in 36 BC  Dedicated by Augustus in 28 BC following Octavian's victory Naulochos over Sextus Pompey Origin can/caesar/caesar09.html content/uploads/palatine_apollo_model.jpg

3  SW side of Palatine Hill(Rome)  Surrounded by other buildings built by Augustus  Land originally planned for Augustus house Location roman-forum-palatine-hill-area-casa-di-augusto-painted- walls.html

4  Making sacrifices/praying to the god Apollo   Contained a library which held the Sibylline books   Held some senate meetings Uses

5  Second and most famous temple of Apollo in Rome  Made of solid white Luna marble  Was burned down in 363 CE Other,_Ca pital_composed_of_smooth_leaves_in_Luna_marble.JPG

6  e.asp?iPin=RREL0085&DataType=Ancient&Wi nType=Free e.asp?iPin=RREL0085&DataType=Ancient&Wi nType=Free e.asp?iPin=RREL0085&DataType=Ancient&Wi nType=Free   anForum/GoogleEarth/AK_GE/AK_HTML/TS- 049.html anForum/GoogleEarth/AK_GE/AK_HTML/TS- 049.html   ustanrome/example_entries.htm ustanrome/example_entries.htm   er/Places/Europe/Italy/Lazio/Roma/Rome/_Text s/PLATOP*/Aedes_Apollinis_Palatini.html er/Places/Europe/Italy/Lazio/Roma/Rome/_Text s/PLATOP*/Aedes_Apollinis_Palatini.htmlSources

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