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Chinese and Hindu Theatre

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1 Chinese and Hindu Theatre
Theatre History Chinese and Hindu Theatre

2 The Beginnings of Chinese Theatre
2000 BC Used interpretive dance Dances told a story Reverence for ancestors Only the people of the Emperor's court saw the dramas

3 Chinese Drama:8th- 9th century AD
Emperor Ming Huang founded a school for actors called the Children of the Pear Tree Garden considered the patron saint of theatre in China to this day Style: highly formalized themes- ancestor worship, military glory, faithfulness to husband

4 End of Ming Haung’s Drama
Mongol invasion AD they wanted: action stunts acrobatics songs dances THE CHALK CIRCLE and THE LUTE SONG were plays from that time When the Communists took over in1949 it ended this drama- used theatre for government policy

5 The Peking Opera Westerners considered the Chinese theatre opera because of the singing it had a very symbolic quality most acting was done by men

6 Style of Peking Opera Used highly stylized poses and movements
Very graceful Every gesture meant something a sleeve over the eyes= weeping shoulders shaking= grief

7 Props and costumes Props were also symbolic white paper falling= snow
an actor with a flag= army flag with wavy lines- river colors= emotions red= faithfulness blue= cruelty white= evil Used thick makeup and dazzling costumes

8 Hindu Theatre Ancient- dates back to 1500 BC A religious form
real theatre emerged around 5th Century BC Sanskrit- language of educated used Performed in courtyards and gardens of rulers Actors waited in a “greenroom” before going on stage * we use this term today in drama

9 Hindu Theatre Scenery was a decorated wall
small audiences close to stage delicate restrained acting styles plays always ended happily women were on stage- ( this may have been the first place to allow women next week- Japanese theatre

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