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All About Giraffes By : Sophia Jarvis.

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1 All About Giraffes By : Sophia Jarvis

2 Table of Contents Intro Meet The Giraffe : pg 1
Chapter 1 Habitat : pg 2 Chapter 2 Life Cycle : pg 3 Chapter 3 Close Relatives : pg 4 Conclusion

3 Intro Adult giraffes eat leaves off of the highest tree’s,
Their calves ( baby’s ) eat off the ones that fall. All giraffes have purple tongues. When giraffes eat they Swallow with out chewing their food and if you watch Closely their food comes back up their throat and it makes It easier for them to chew their food. If you want to find out More read on.

4 Chapter 1 Habitat Giraffes were once found all over Africa,
But now live only in the Sahara Desert. They are large herd animals. The Sahara Desert Is mostly just dry land and a few filthy rivers. Oh and Also the Sahara Desert is home to one of the Giraffes Main predators… LIONS. .

5 Chapter 2 Life Cycle 1 After 15 months Of mating a female
Giraffe give birth to a calve 5 At ten yrs old the giraffe is fully grown And starts mating. 2 20 minutes later the Calve stands up and drinks it’s mothers milk. 4 Then after a couple days it starts to breed Males Have to wait until their ten 3 At ten days old it stops Drinking it’s mothers milk And joins the herd for the first Time.

6 Chapter 3 Close Relative
The Okipa is one of the giraffes close relatives It has a neck of Giraffes and legs of a zebra Okipa means half zebra quarter Giraffe. The Okipa can stretch it’s two times it’s regular size!

7 Chapter 4 Defending Rhinos are also very
Dangerous to giraffes. With that huge horn a rhino Can break a giraffes leg not allowing it to run. Lions are a giraffes main predator. But giraffes have a special kicking defense that can kick a lion across a foot ball field!!!

8 Conclusion I think giraffes are really cool animals
with all their cool animal features. Giraffes are also my favorite animal. Their long long neck can weigh over 100lb! Just imagne if humans had to walk with that Much weight in their neck! And they grow super fast too. Giraffes are one cool species .

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