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Welcome! Team 7-3 English Ms. Kammer 864-355-6894 National Board Certified Teacher Master’s degree from Furman University.

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2 Welcome! Team 7-3 English Ms. Kammer National Board Certified Teacher Master’s degree from Furman University in Teaching Middle Level Language Arts Bachelor’s degree from Clemson

3 Remind 101 App 4 th /6 th block Send a text to (864) with the or an to

4 Your Homework Describe your child in a million words or less.

5 Supplies 2 Composition Books (100 sheets each) for Eng. & Lit. Two sections in a binder (This could be a separate binder or could be shared with another class.) 2 Dividers Tape Several page protectors (around 10) Recommended: highlighters (at least two colors), dry- erase marker The usual: paper, pencils, pens A book for pleasure reading (Students should always have a book to read with them in class. It doesn’t matter if it came from home, from the school library, or from my classroom library.)

6 On My Website… Homework, updated weekly Class handouts (such as the Reading Log) for when your child’s copy mysteriously disappears into the abyss of the book bag. A link to my My teaching schedule Some notes and PowerPoints (such as this one)

7 Grading System 50% Major Grades (tests, projects, and major writing assignments) 50% Minor Grades (quiz grades, class work grades and homework)

8 Homework Each Monday, students will write HW in the agenda for the entire week. Homework will also be posted on my website by Monday evening at the latest.

9 Reading Log Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: The homework will always include reading on these days. Your signature on the reading log means that you witnessed your child reading for that period of time. Students should get your signature immediately after the reading session. The Reading Log is always due on the first school day of a new month but will also be checked and graded periodically and without warning for a homework grade. Students should bring the Reading Log back to school with them daily. They should keep it in their Team Binder.

10 Mustang Books Students will be expected to read five Mustang Books this year with at least one per quarter for a test grade. Students will take an Accelerated Reader test after reading each novel. These books are available in the library. The books are also available in the classroom trade system. Students two own one Mustang Book can trade it in to read another one.

11 Other Homework Tuesdays: Stems words or writing journal Thursday: Study; spelling practice with signature (only when there is a stems/spelling quiz on Thursday) Students will usually have some sort of quiz or test each Friday.

12 Quarter Themes for GT English/Literature Quarter 1: Conflict Arising from Diversity –Farewell to Manzanar Jeanne W. Houston –Tulsa Burning Anna Myers –Literature Circles –Sustained Research and Argument Quarter 2: Appearance vs. Reality –The Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain (ISBN: ) –Twelfth Night William Shakespeare –The Jungle Books Rudyard Kipling –Writing Informative/Expository Texts Quarter 3: Life’s Quests –King Arthur and His Knights “The Quest for the Holy Grail” –Mythology –Research and Writing about Quests Quarter 4: This I Believe –Gossamer Lois Lowry –Writing Narrative Texts

13 Wish List Colored paper Extra rolls of tape Tissues Paper towels

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