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Miscellaneous MOT issues

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1 Miscellaneous MOT issues
Presented by: Stefanie D. Maxwell, P.E. FDOT Central Office Construction August 25, 2006

2 Critical Requirements
MOT Process Reviews Review Districts every other year Concurrence with Guidelists and Critical Requirements Critical Requirements

3 MOT Process Reviews (cont’d)
Test pavement markings Retroreflectivity color

4 Pavement Marking - Paint Retroreflectivity Requirements
Effective January 2006 300 white 250 yellow Contractor to submit at any time but FDOT has 3 days from receipt to verify, if necessary Training is coming

5 MOT Process Reviews (cont’d)
Test work zone sign sheeting Retroreflectivity color

6 Qualified Products List
Pavement Markings – Paint, Thermo, RPMs, etc. Traffic Control Devices – Barricades, Drums, Warning Lights, CMS, etc.

7 QPL Alleged Deficiency Form # 630-020-01

8 High Visibility Safety Apparel FDOT DS Index 600 – July 2006

9 Portable Work zone sign supports
FDOT Design Standards Index 600 QPL Website: Portable sign stand

10 Documentation required for LS items or LS jobs
NONE No station to station No daily worksheets No certification of quantities Submit request for payment on invoice See Prep & Doc Manual, Chapter Retroreflectivity certification is required

11 Put copy of Retroreflectivity form here
Put copy of Retroreflectivity form here This is what the retroreflectivity form looks like. You can find this on the Construction Office website at this address.

12 Questions? Contact Stefanie D. Maxwell, P.E.
(850) Stefanie’s Hwy Next Exit In summary, reflectivity applies to ALL painted pavement markings, regardless of the surface, work zone and final surface. CLICK Section 102 and section 710 is where you find reflectivity requirements. CLICK Since most everyone is using a 30 meter geometry instrument, the retroreflectivity requirements are 250 for white and 175 for yellow. CLICK

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