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Conflict Resolution MhBM7H-ggvY.

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1 Conflict Resolution MhBM7H-ggvY

2 Overview Recognizing Signs of Losing Control Developing Self Control Learning a Technique

3 What is Anger? Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure, rage, and/or strong emotion usually combined with an urge to harm.

4 Can you pick out the signs of anger?

5 Signs of Anger Increased heart rate Tension Adrenaline pumping through your body

6 Why does anger make us want to dominate an opponent? kQ0szdOwyQ kQ0szdOwyQ

7 What Angry People Want They want what THEY want They want help They want choices They want acknowledgment and attention

8 Losing Control Qzhs6mXgg Qzhs6mXgg

9 Hostility Exhibiting hostile behavior means that you have resorted to instinct instead of intellect. Hostility is a primitive way of seeking to control surroundings.

10 Self Control Self Control means one is controlled by exploring consequences. One controls one’s desires and impulses and develops willpower.

11 Strategies for Self Control Identify your triggers Slow down your responses Take a time out “I’m better than that” “I’m not getting suckered”

12 Strategies for Self Control “I won’t pay the price” Put yourself in their shoes Observing Preparing Humor Venting/not venting

13 Empathy Statements Usually short and to the point Allow the other to respond Use the broken record technique Don’t use the word “but” Don’t restate the obvious Be careful of your tone Don’t use “I”

14 Limit Setting 1.Describe the Unacceptable Behavior 2.Request Behavior Change 3.State Consequences – Use Cooperative Language – Use Enforceable Consequences 4.Offer Choices

15 Enforce Limits – Refer to the limits stated previously – Request they go along with the consequence – Offer further help

16 Self Control Technique We want you to… HALT

17 H Hold your Tongue!

18 A Acknowledge the anger/problem.

19 L Listen Calmly

20 T Talk it out

21 Wait before you act to avoid consequences.

22 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

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