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Florida Interim Assessment Item Bank and Test Platform (FL IBTP) Training for Teachers Pilot Test Spring 2014.

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1 Florida Interim Assessment Item Bank and Test Platform (FL IBTP) Training for Teachers Pilot Test Spring 2014

2 DRAFT Training Objectives This workshop will address how to do the following: Administer an assessment online Demonstrate the student experience of taking an online assessment Demonstrate how to score open response questions Locate support resources.


4 DRAFT Preparing for the Assessment Make sure students have already been introduced to the features of the online assessment. On test day, teachers will do the following: Write the online passcode on the board. Distribute student usernames and passwords. 4

5 DRAFT Student Usernames and Passwords 5

6 The Student Experience Taking an Online Test in the Florida Item Bank and Test Platform (FL IBTP)

7 DRAFT How to Take a Test in the FL IBTP Steps to follow: STEP 1: Launch Secure Tester STEP 2: Sign in STEP 3: Answer questions STEP 4: Check your answers STEP 5: Submit for grading

8 DRAFT Launch Secure Tester and Sign In Students double-click the Schoolnet Secure Tester. The teacher or another test proctor will provide the username, password, and an online passcode.

9 Verify the Test Name This is the screen where you will verify the test name and the correct section for the test. Click Start Your Test.

10 Start Your Test Confirm that the welcome message displays the correct name, then click Start Test Now.

11 Test Navigation and Strategies Click Hide for any answer options you want to eliminate. Click Next to move to the next question. Click the scroll bar to scroll down the page. Click the flag icon to tag questions you want to review before you submit the test. Click Next to move to the next question.

12 DRAFT Gridded Items A bicycle that costs $320 is on sale this week for 20% off the regular price. How much can be saved by purchasing the bicycle this week?

13 DRAFT Math Tools Students should use the math tools provided to help answer math questions.

14 DRAFT Items with Passages Multiple items may refer to reading passages, diagrams, images, or charts. If needed, use the scroll bar to see everything. To highlight a section of text, click the highlighter icon and drag the cursor over any important parts of the passage.

15 Open Response Items For open response items, students type in their answers. The word count will keep track of how many words they have entered.

16 16 The Equation Editor Click the Sigma icon ( ∑ ) in the toolbar on open response items to access the Equation Editor.

17 17 Accessing Reference Sheets

18 18 Recording Audio Responses When taking foreign language tests, students may be required to record their responses in the FL IBTP using a microphone.

19 DRAFT Keep Track of Progress The bar at the bottom left displays student progress.

20 DRAFT Internet Problem Warning Students should notify the teacher if this red warning indicator appears.

21 DRAFT Automatic Save The testing platform saves responses automatically every 100 characters a student types in an open response field and each time a student clicks any of the following: Next Pause View Test Summary Back 21

22 DRAFT Review and Submit Students use the Test Response Summary to access unanswered or flagged items. They should submit the test when finished.

23 DRAFT Confirm Submit

24 DRAFT Close Test


26 DRAFT Sign In 26

27 DRAFT Monitor an Online Assessment

28 DRAFT Proctor Dashboard: Scoring

29 DRAFT Scoring

30 DRAFT Scoring

31 DRAFT Useful Quick Reference Cards How to run a report How to score online assessments Online testing site requirements How to administer online assessments Managing Internet connectivity 31

32 DRAFT Support Information If at any point you need assistance walking through the Pilot Testing steps: Call the Help Desk number at 1-(866)-697-6435 or 866- MYSNHELP. E-mail the Help Desk at Hours of operation are Mon-Fri: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. All Help Desk agents are trained and aware of how to assist Pilot Testing customers.

33 Your feedback is valuable. You will be emailed a survey at the end of the Item Tryout. We appreciate and welcome your feedback. Thank you very much for your time.

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