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Sci-Fi Book Literature Analysis Ender’s Game By: Griffin Zdrojewski.

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1 Sci-Fi Book Literature Analysis Ender’s Game By: Griffin Zdrojewski

2 Table Of Contents Setting……………………………………………3-5 Characters………………………………………6-10 Plot………………………………………………..11-18 Conflict………………………………………….. 19 Theme…………………………………………….20 Resolution……………………………………….21

3 S Setting The setting in Ender’s Game starts in a doctor’s office. Ender is there a very short time and then went to his class. The classroom is described to have desks. The tops of these desks are fully electronic. They are similar to a computer. After the school, Ender returns home, where his dining room table is similar to his desk at school, only much larger. His father is often found sitting at the table using the internet. Ender is next found on a space shuttle. The seatbelts come over the passenger’s chest. There is also a T.V. at the front of the shuttle. This is how I imagine the desks in Ender’s Game.

4 S Setting The battle school is a building that orbits around Earth. It is spherical in shape. The center is designed to spin to create a feel of gravity. This can disorient people when they enter a battle room, one of nine rooms which have no gravity. The bathrooms in the battle school have the pipes showing, to save space. The pipes that protrude from the wall could be very dangerous to students. The soldier’s quarters are long rooms with bunk beds spanning the room. The rooms are so large, you can see the curve of the school. The lockers were not secure, so Ender had no privacy whatsoever, whether it be his belongings or his emotions. Ender soon graduates to command school, six years early. Before he rockets off into space to go to command school, Ender takes a nice three month vacation.

5 S Setting Ender’s “vacation home” is a white mansion on a hill in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a forest and has a lake in the back. The road to the mansion winds up and down the hill. There in a rather large library, which Ender quickly uses but finds quite unhelpful. Ender builds a wooden boat by himself so he can talk to Valentine without being bugged by the government. The boat looks very rickety, but is actually quite sturdy, so long as you don’t stand up on it. Ender soon leave the mansion and blasts off to command school. The school is on the planet Eros, a small planet that is nearly impossible to see because it was blacked out by the government. It is only slightly brighter than a black hole.

6 C Characters Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is the main character in Ender’s Game. He is small for his age, but very strong. Ender is a Protagonist. He is also a major character and a dynamic character. Ender is constantly traumatized throughout the book. All he wants is to be normal. Or at least opposite of his brother, who was obviously a natural born killer. Ender doesn't usually get what he wants, however. He is one of the smartest people in the galaxy, if not the smartest. He is very innovative and dexterous.

7 C Characters Valentine Wiggin is one of three Wiggin children. She is smart like Ender, and often uses that to persuade adults. Valentine is a major character, a protagonist, and a dynamic character. She is used by the I.F. to keep Ender sane. While she is good at manipulating others, she herself seems to be easily manipulated. She is the most gentle of the Wiggin children, ad does not often seek violence.

8 C Characters Peter is the oldest and most ruthless Wiggin child. His thoughts and actions are frowned upon in most societies, and solely craves power. Peter is a major character, but also a static character. He is an antagonist at the beginning of the book, but as the book goes on he is thought of as a protagonist, a bringer of peace. Although the book begins to portray him as good, Peter’s morals and thought process stay the same, and is still static. Peter is a killer, and wishes to harm all who get in his way of his goal of bringing peace to humanity.

9 C Characters Colonel Hyrum Graff is the “principal” of the battleschool. He is a major character, a protagonist, and a static character. He Manipulates Valentine to help the government. He originally was supposed to push Ender to his limit and beyond, but grows fond of the child and begs for mercy on Ender’s behalf. Graff is an older fellow, and puts on quite a few pounds over the course of the book.

10 C Characters Bean is a small child who is placed in Dragon Army when Ender is put in charge of it. Bean is a protagonist, a minor character, and a static character. Bean, like Ender is small, Intelligent, and innovative. Ender treats Bean much like Graff treated Ender; he singled Bean out, made the group turn against him, and made Bean find his own way to earn respect. Bean is also somewhat arrogant, as he expects to become a toon leader and tells Ender openly.

11 P Rising Action “a related series of incidents in a literary plot that build toward the point of greatest interest.”( ) Ender has his monitor removed Ender Fights Stiltson Peter nearly kills Ender Ender is recruited Ender breaks Bernard’s arm Ender beats the older boy in the arcade game Ender hacks the messaging system on the school tablets Ender Learns how to maneuver in zero-gravity Ender reaches Fairy land in the Free Play game Ender is transferred into Salamander Army This is Ender’s monitor.

12 P Rising Action Alai whispers in Ender’s ear as he leaving to go to Salamander Army Petra starts to train Ender personally Bonzo makes Ender sit in a corner during full army practice Ender starts practicing with Launchies Bonzo tries to stop Ender from Practicing with the Launchies Ender develops a feet-first attack position Ender fires against orders in the battleroom Ender gets traded to Rat Army

13 P Rising Action Rose makes Ender use a suicide tactic in the battleroom as punishment for talking back Older boys attack ender and miscellaneous Launchies during Ender’s practice session Ender sees Peter in the Free Play game Peter and Valentine take the identity of Demosthenes and Locke Colonel Graff makes Valentine write Ender a letter Ender gets control of his own army Ender singles out Bean like Graff singled Ender out

14 P Rising Action Ender has his first battle as a commander early Ender gets battles every day Ender unknowingly kills Bonzo Ender battles two armies at once Ender gets sent to Command School, the highest level school, before the normal age of 16 Ender gets a three month vacation, during which he gets to see Valentine Ender meets the legendary war hero, Mazer Rackham

15 P Rising Action Ender passed his final examination

16 P Climax “a decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot.” ( The climax in Ender’s Game happens when Ender is told that all of the commanding drills he has been doing were actually real battles he was commanding. He is told that he was just battling the buggers at their home planet, and just killed all of the bugger queens, destroying the rest of the buggers consequently.

17 P Falling Action Ender goes into a spiraling depression Ender accepts the fact that he is a killer The war on Earth ends with the Locke proposal, made by Peter Ender decides to go to the first new colony with Valentine and Mazer Rackham Ender finds that the buggers left him a note by recreating the Free Play game world. Ender finds a queen bugger larva Ender sees instructions on how to revive the bugger race Ender decides to not revive the buggers on the planet he was on because he did not want the humans to kill them yet again

18 P Falling Action Ender decides to carry the cocoon with him to every planet he goes to and tries to find a home This is the cocoon Ender carries with him.

19 C Conflict Man Vs. Self Throughout the entirety of the book, Ender is arguing with himself about whether or not he is a killer Man Vs. Society Near the end of his time at battle school, Ender tries to fight his superiors by refusing to play the game by the rules. Man Vs. Nature While at battleschool, Ender has to learn how to maneuver in zero-gravity, fighting everything nature has taught him about moving This is the battleroom in Ender’s Game.

20 T Theme The theme of Ender’s Game is Embrace who you are on the inside, good or bad, but know that there is more to you than just that. This is proven when Ender says “I guess I’m just a killer to the core” (303). This is also proven when Ender decides to try and restore peace to the bugger colony by traveling through the universe to find a spot for the last bugger queen to be born in.

21 R Resolution Ender’s Game was resolved when Ender made peace with himself by being a speaker for the dead all around the universe and trying to find a spot for the bugger queen.

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