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Unit F Chapter 1 Lesson 1 What Energy Is.

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1 Unit F Chapter 1 Lesson 1 What Energy Is

2 Energy Energy is the ability to cause change. Energy allows movement in the world.

3 Potential Energy The energy an object has because of where it is or its shape.

4 Kinetic Energy Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Any moving object has kinetic energy.

5 Electricity Electricity is a form of energy that people make by using other kinds of energy found in nature such as wind, moving water, oil, or coal.

6 Fossil Fuel All living organisms store energy. When they die, their bodies are slowly buried by soil and rocks. Over millions of years, some of this material may be pressed together until it turns into fuel, like oil or coal.

7 Hibernation Hibernation is a state of reduced metabolic activity and body temperature used by certain mammals as an adaptation to winter weather.

8 Energy from food and fuels come from the sun.

9 Batteries People can store energy. You an store energy in a battery.

10 Waves of Energy Light and sound are form of energy that move.

11 Where does light move? Light moves from the sun to Earth or around the room from a light source.

12 Where does sound move? Sound moves from our mouths to our friends’ ears, from the radio or television to our ears.

13 How do light and sound move?
Light moves as an up and down wave. light

14 Sound sound Sound moves as a back and forth wave.

15 Vibrate Vibrate means to move back and forth quickly.

16 Circuit The path the electricity follows from the battery, through the bulb and back again is called a circuit.

17 What forms of energy does sunlight provide?
Heat and light

18 Why would people want to change sunlight into electricity?
All living things depend on sunlight, but the appliances and machines we use require another kind of energy: electricity

19 How is sunlight changed into electricity?
Energy from sunlight is converted by food by plants and then eaten by animals. Dead organisms (mostly plants or plantlike organisms) form fossil fuels which can be burned to make electricity.

20 How does energy change as it moves from sunlight to electricity
It changes form. First it is light and heat energy. Then it is food energy. Then it is fuel energy. Then it is electric energy. Both machines and living things can change energy into other forms.

21 Energy of Motion Energy of motion produces heat. This heat warms your body.

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