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Points of Interest Washington, D.C.. Jefferson Memorial.

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1 Points of Interest Washington, D.C.

2 Jefferson Memorial

3 The Jefferson Memorial is dedicated to the third president He was the main author of the Declaration of Independence. If you were at the Jefferson Memorial it would take ten min. to get to the Lincoln Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial has a 19- foot tall statue of Thomas Jefferson.

4 Jefferson Memorial It is built with colonnades and a dome. Construction was started in 1938 and it was completed April 13, 1943. Some of his famous speeches are engraved on the walls fo the monument. Marcus, Mike, Katie, Sara

5 The Capitol

6 The Capitol is the government building where a legislature makes laws. Capital refers to the city were the building stands, while the building is the Capitol.

7 The Capitol The name capitol comes from capitolium, the ancient temple of Jupiter in Rome. Capitol, United States, is the building where Congress meets. Ben, Brandon, Jessica

8 Washington Monument

9 It is 555 feet and 1 eighth tall. It has 898 steps. It opened in 1888. The steam elevator takes 20 minutes to get to the top.The women and children couldn’t ride the elevator because it was considered dangerous.

10 Washington Monument It is the tallest stone building in the world. It was built in 1848 and finished in 1884. Pierre Charles L’enfant designed the Washington Monument. The Monument is a tall and narrow obelisk. Michael, Kirsten, Beth, Nate

11 Lincoln Memorial

12 Henry Bacon designed the Lincoln Memorial. In 1922 it was finally finished. It has 56 steps and 36 columns. Lincoln was our 16 th president. He was one of our most honored presidents. Josh, Hope, Mary, Hanna

13 The White House

14 The white house was built in 1790. The first stone was laid in Oct. 13, 1792. James Hobans designed the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. There are 132 rooms and 11 sections.

15 The White House The White House library has 2700 books in it. Almost 15,000 letters are delivered to the White House every day. Telephone operators answer almost 50,000 calls every day. Steven, Jake, Stephanie

16 The Vietnam Wall

17 More than 500,000 people are listed here. Most monuments honor a victory or a hero. Maya Lin was a 21 year old college student who designed the wall.

18 The Vietnam Wall To make it personal she focused her work on all names of those who died. The names of more than 58,000 men who died or still missing are written on the wall. Kolten, Dylan, Kassie, Janessa

19 Supreme Court

20 9 justices, 7 men, 2 women Doors weighs 15 tons. Style of building is from ancient Greece and Rome. Built to last for ages. Cost nearly 10 million dollars.

21 Supreme Court First cornerstone was laid on Oct. 13, 1932 by Herbert Hoover and Chief Justice Hughes. It took 3 years to finish the building. Cass Gilbert was the architect. 25,000 perfect white slabs and blocks were used for the outside walls. Carly, Luke, Becca

22 Points of Interest Washington, D.C.

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