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Verification 2008-09 Assistant Director of Administration, CNU.

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1 Verification 2008-09 Assistant Director of Administration, CNU



4 Step-by-Step Verification Approve Applications Approve Applications Method of Verification – Com. Memo FIN-09-023 –Standard Selection –Alternate 1 (Random) –Alternate 2 (Focused) Sort / Count Applications Total Applications on file (OCTOBER 1)

5 Step-by-Step Verification (con’t) Number to Verify – Based on Oct. 1 count of approved applications –Standard – 3% of all approved applications, selected from only error prone applications –Alternate 1 – 3% of all approved applications, selected at random –Alternate 2 – 1% of all approved applications, selected from only error prone applications PLUS ½% of applications that were approved categorically (FS)

6 Step-by-Step Verification (con’t) Select applications for verification Write Narrative on Verification Selection Process (details) Check original approval for accuracy (Confirming official) – If error is found, follow procedures to correct. And select another application for verification.

7 Step-by-Step Verification (con’t) Notify family of selection for Verification –Second notice if Non-Responsive to first notice –Keep notes on second, third, … attempts Collect income documentation –Must specify worker, time period, gross payment, date of payment

8 Step-by-Step Verification (con’t) Calculate eligibility based on supplied income documentation (use proper conversions) Notify family of verification results –3 operating days for increase in benefits (R – F) –10 operating days for reduction in benefits (F – P)

9 Step-by-Step Verification (con’t) Complete Verification Tracker –Keep all relevant notes about verification Compile Districts Verification Results Download FNS-742 “Verification Summary Report” E-mail completed report to:

10 See Handout for ALL Steps and Dates (Key dates below) October 1 – Count all Eligibles and Applications on file On or Before Oct 1 – Start Verification November 15 – Verification must be complete December 15 – Verification Summary Report must be submitted electronically to the Child Nutrition Unit

11 STEP 7 - New for this year LEAs must maintain a description of their verification efforts. The description must include a summary of the verification efforts including the selection process; the total number of applications on file on October 1 and the percentage or number of applications that are / will be verified by November 15. The description must also include the criteria for replacing applications for verification. This description must be made available for review purposes.

12 Step 15 Complete the Verification Summary Report























35 How to Find the Second Page?

36 The Second Page

37 The Second Page Completes the First Page!!!

38 Before your send your final report! Please check the following:

39 The headings change between questions 2 and 3.

40 The total students reported in 2A should be more than the students reported in 3A + 4A!

41 3A MUST = 3-1A + 3-2A + 3-3A + 3-4A

42 More Students Than Applications


44 Traditional School

45 Provision 2 NON-Base Year

46 Using the Electronic Form The form MUST be saved on your computer before you enter any information. If incorrect Data is entered, you may receive and error message. Read the error message before giving up! The completed file must be e-mailed as an attachment. Before the file is sent, double check it for accuracy.

47 Things to Remember You must be able to count your active students and applications by the following 5 categories: 1.Free Eligibles that are not subject to verification (Direct Certification, Migrant, Homeless, Runaway, Head Start, EvenStart) 2.Free Eligibles based on a Food Stamp Case Number 3.Free Eligibles based on Household size and Income 4.Reduced Price Eligibles 5.Error Prone Applications – If Standard Sample is Used

48 Things to Remember – Cont. The District will still need to complete the Verification Tracker for each application verified and attach it to the application with the supporting documentation The Verification Summary Report MUST be in the child nutrition office by December 15 th. If someone else in the district completes the verification process, the Food Service Director has the final responsibility of ensuring it is done accurately and on time.

49 E-mail Child Nutrition E-MAIL ADDRESS- E-mails must be received no later than December 15, 2008

50 Confirmation of E-mail You will be notified by e-mail when the Verification Summary Report for the district is received by CNU. (NO NEED TO CALL) Check your e-mail accounts regularly, additional information may be requested through e-mail if needed. CNU will call if your report has not been received and the deadline is approaching.

51 Questions If you have questions concerning Verification, the Submission of the Summary Report, or any path there of, ASK NOW or Call the District’s Area Specialist at (501) 324-9502.

52 To Receive Credit for this Training A Legible Sign-in Sheet must be faxed to:Debi Branscum (501) 324-9505 NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS TOMORROW (OCTOBER 3, 2008)

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