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Chapter 25: Noninfectious Diseases

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1 Chapter 25: Noninfectious Diseases
Key Terms: Noncommunicable Disease Cardiovascular Diseases Hypertension Arteriosclerosis Atherosclerosis Angina pectoris Stroke Cancers Tumors

2 Terms, cont. Benign Malignant Metastasis Carcinogen Biopsy
Chemotherapy Diabetes Allergy Asthma

3 Terms, cont. Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis
Autoimmune Disease

4 Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
Heredity Ethnicity- African Americans are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure then whites Gender Age Environment Heredity Ethnicity- African Americans are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure then whites Gender Age Environment

5 Behavior Risky behaviors include: Smoking Poor eating habits
Not being physically active

6 Types of Cardiovascular Disease
Hypertension Diseases of the Arteries Diseases of the Heart Stroke

7 Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Avoid smoking Reduce your intake of cholesterol Maintain a healthy weight Limit your intake of salty foods Get plenty of physical activity Properly manage your stress

8 Risk Factors Associated with Causing Cancer
Heredity Environment Lifestyle Exposure to Carcinogens- tobacco smoke, asbestos, toxic wastes

9 Types of Cancer Skin Cancer- Over 1 million new cases of melanoma every year. Lung Cancer- males who start smoking before the age of 15 are five times more likely to die of lung cancer than those who started after age 25. Cigarette smoking is the single greatest cause of cancer in the U.S., accounting for 85 percent of lung cancer cases among males and 75 percent among females. 1 million 15

10 Types of Cancer Oral Cancer- affects the throat and mouth; risk factors include smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. and using smokeless tobacco. Cancer of the Colon and Rectum- 3rd most commonly occurring cancer in the U.S. today. Throat and mouth Third

11 Types of Cancer Reproductive Cancer- includes breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Leukemia- cancer of the blood-forming tissue in the bone marrow. Breast cancer Prostate cancer

12 Treating Cancer Three basic approaches: Surgery Radiation Chemotherapy

13 Diabetes Affects 16 million Americans.
Each day approximately 2200 new cases are diagnosed. 16 2200

14 What causes diabetes?? Sufficient insulin is not produced or is not used efficiently. When glucose is unable to enter the cells, it accumulates in the blood until the kidneys filter out some of the surplus, which is passed off in urine. Insulin

15 Types of Diabetes Type 1 Accounts for 10 percent of all cases of the disease. Body does not produce insulin Patients must take daily doses of insulin either through injection or by means of an insulin pump 10

16 Types of Diabetes, cont. Type 2
Body’s inability to make enough, or properly use, insulin. 80 percent of all type 2 patients are overweight. Type 2 usually can be controlled by eating patterns, exercise, and losing excess weight….in some cases, oral medications or injections are used. 80

17 Arthritis Two most common types: Rheumatoid Osteoarthritis

18 Conclusion Cardiovascular Disease Cancer Diabetes Arthritis

19 Questions??

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