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YOUR NEW SCHOOL COUNSELOR! Mr. Kennedy 1. About Me Small family Went trapshooting across the country together in the summers. Was involved in basketball,

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2 About Me Small family Went trapshooting across the country together in the summers. Was involved in basketball, cross-country, track and football. Tried for straight A’s Member of Student Council Webster graduate Thought I would be a video game programmer (3-D games were new) Changed my mind after an unsuccessful attempt at Calculus Tried several classes and jobs at a few different schools Served four years in the National Guard Learned I’m a good fit in the helping profession Graduated in 2007 with a BS in Psychology from NSU. Graduated in 2012 with a MS in Counseling Education from NSU. 2

3 What does it take to become a school counselor? Do you enjoy helping people? Have you felt success as a “helper” in assisting others to accomplish things they never thought they could accomplish? Do you believe that all people have the ability to find personal success? Do you believe personal success leads to fulfilling professional success needs in one’s life? WARNING: Answering “yes” to any of the above questions indicates you’re well on your way to being a helper. 3

4 Undergraduate Requirements Graduate Requirements Two year-school graduates earn an Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies or the equivalent of a four-year college general course requirement (first 2-years). A Bachelor’s of Science or Arts in Psychology, Social Work, English, or other like majors is required to continue. Typically, graduate schools require a test called the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and a score of 1000 out of 1600 possible points is needed for an interview. Students interview in front of a panel of instructors and must be accepted into the program. Have no grade lower than a “B” anytime in the program, write a Master’s thesis/data-driven project, and do a practicum and an internship experience totaling 700+ hours. Students graduate with a Master’s of Science in Counseling Education after fulfilling all coursework requirements and passing all classes (about 60 credits). 4 Technical Requirements in becoming a School Counselor

5 5 Iroquois School Counseling Services Offered Guidance Curriculum: provides all students the knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level. Individual Student Planning: school counselor assists the student in establishing personal goals and developing future plans. Responsive Services: activities to meet students’ immediate needs (i.e. counseling, referral, consultation). Systems Support: works toward the betterment of the school counseling program (i.e. professional development, teaming, program management).

6 Confidentiality 6 Your confidentiality as a student is important. In the school counseling office, what is said there stays there, with the following exceptions, as required by law and/or ethical standards: 1. Harm to self or others 2. Abuse or neglect 3. Court or other legal proceedings If there is ever a need to reveal information, I will let you know in advance and will work with you to handle the situation in a way that respects you, your feelings, and your needs.

7 Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Solution Focused Brief Therapy I use this for recurring problems REBT uses the ABC Model A - is what you’ve had trouble with B – is what you thought about then C – is what happened as a result of thinking irrational thoughts Usually a person has a hidden philosophy that leads them to think they “must” or “should” do something a certain way. Revealing that philosophy and helping create new, more rational ones helps the person to improve and get out of their rut. I use this for quicker problem resolution and support The student/client presents the problem We identify someplace small to start (goal) We consider the obstacles towards problem resolution The student considers their strengths while developing a plan. The student puts the plan into effect. 7 My Counseling Styles

8 Goals for the School Year 8 Create a continually updated website that is full of direct links to scholarships, camps, financial aid, colleges, career information, and more. Have a suggestions box Keep students posted as to where to find me Steady email communications Make time for teacher consults Make time for Administrative consults Formulate specific and measurable goals using school data (attendance, grades, behaviors, etc.) Maintain a calendar Establish a guidance curriculum for all grade levels that abides by the ASCA National Model Be preventive rather than interventive Keep a positive attitude!

9 When to See Me 9 Academic Problems??? Personal/Social Concerns??? Career, college planning, or work Issues???

10 Let’s Make this Year a Good One! 10 I’m going to need a few things from each of you this year. Below is a list of the things that will help me help you best. Please respond when you get a chance. 1)Email me your email address, grade level in school, and your parent or legal guardian’s email address. 2)Go online to the website: -Open the Students page -Click on Surveys -Complete the Needs Assessment Survey

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