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Benefits of TEIN to beneficiary countries

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1 Benefits of TEIN to beneficiary countries
Basuki suhardiman

2 Outline R&D Network initiatives in Indonesia TEIN initiatives
Inherent initiatives Activities E-learning Weather forecast Firewatch initiatives

3 Research Education Network
SOI-ASIA (School of Internet) Project Connecting South East Asia Partner with AI3 Internet satellite technology TEIN2 (Trans-Eurasia Information Network) Connecting Asia with GÉANT and ABILENE INHERENT (Indonesia Higher Education Network) Connecting Indonesia University

4 SOI-ASIA Begin in 2001 IPv6 Multicast Video Conference
C-band satellite Unidirectional Satellite Link (UDL) GRE Tunnel to make asymmetric link symmetric IPv6 Multicast Video Conference IPv6 Multicast Routing with PIM-SM with XORP vic (video) and rat (audio) application RPT (Remote Powerpoint) for synchronized Remote Presentation


6 SOI-ASIA Activities and Equipment
Lectures from Japanese Professor Technology Workshop and Tutorial Real-time Video Conference

7 Live with Japanese Prime Minister

8 Pioneering the satellite Infrastructure
Start on 1996 with WIDE/AI3 First satellite infrastructure With JSAT Satellite Ku-Band Frequency Move to C-band on 2004

9 Peta Jaringan AI3

10 Current Ground station
C-band Dish for BDL 1.5 Mbps Uplink C-band Dish for UDL 13 Mbps shared downlink

11 Pioneering the wireless LAN
IEEE (a,b,g, dan n!) freq 900 MHz (ISM) Using Karl Bridge Move to 2.4 GHz Using PC Router with ISA b/g card

12 Wireless LAN On the top floor on the 9th floor

13 IP Routing IPv4 IPv6 OSPFv2 Area 0 167.205/16 from APNIC
Catalyst 6500 and 3500 Platform Quagga and Gated on few PC router IPv6 OSPFv3 Area 0 2403:8000::/32 from APNIC 2001:d30::/48 from WIDE Project Quagga and XORP on PC router

14 Router @ITB TEIN2 Router ITB Edge Router SOI-ASIA Router Serial Modem
3600 as MPLS experiment Serial Modem VLAN switch

15 PC as Router

16 Network Monitoring Opensource application
Nagios, Cacti, Tacacs+, Rancid, PHP Weathermap

17 TEIN2 Large-scale research and education network for Asia Pacific
Beneficiary Partner Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam Non-beneficiary Partner Australia (AARNET), China (CERNET), Japan (NICT), Korea (KOREN) and Singapore (SINGAREN) Access to GÉANT (EU) and ABILENE (US)

18 TEIN3 Official Map (2009) 155 Mbps to HK Two hope to GÉANT from SG
Two backup hops to GÉANT from HK & CN Connected to Inherent in Indonesia

19 TEIN3 nodes on ITB(Bandung)
STM-1 HK Cisco 7609 router

20 INHERENT (Indonesia Higher Education Research Network)
Initiated by Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE), Ministry of Education First inception in August 2006 32 PoP (local node) across Indonesia 7 Cisco 7609, 21 Cisco 7606, 4 cisco 3845 STM-1 in Java island, 8 mbps MPLS P2P , 2 Mbps satellite in East Indonesia, and backup satellite link 120 universities across Indonesia (200 by feb 2008) Connected to PoP with MPLS (FO/Microwave) ,satellite and a/b/g 300 Universities on 2009

21 Network Map (2007)


23 Inherent 2008

24 Inherent 2009

25 INHERENT Indonesia Higher Education Network
1st Phase : Connecting 32 Campus in Indonesia Advanced Network 155 Mbps STM-1 Circuit for 7 node in Java Medium Network 8 Mbps Leased Circuit for 21 node in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara Basic Network 2 Mbps VSAT link from Jakarta to East Indonesia

26 INHERENT Activities Video Conference Distance Learning
Web Cache Network

27 Inherent Network IPv[4,6] [uni,multi]cast support IGP for intra-POP
Public ASN for INHERENT Support for MPLS (VPN, TE, QoS) Standard deployment for PE-CE NOC that informs and educate user

28 Routing Property IPv4 address : from ITB
IPv6 address : 2403:8000::/32 (not ready yet) IPv4 public ASN : / /18 EBGP to each PoP/Local node

29 Monitoring System Based on SNMP Build on MRTG, Nagios and weathermap





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